NZ-based DEFEND offers global cyber protection

DEFEND is a New Zealand owned and operated global, award-winning cyber security specialist.

We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and are focused on improving the cyber resilience of our customers and the wider community.

The company supports customers in 66 countries around the world and is committed to ensuring that every dollar spent on security delivers a measurable and meaningful return on investment, mitigating cyber risk. A constant focus.

With operations in Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Wellington and Christchurch, DEFEND has over 120 cyber security professionals across New Zealand dedicated to supporting their customers.

It has been in operation for six years and has always been passionate about both regional and major cities, with some people working remotely in regional and major cities across New Zealand. Start service in Australia.

Wenzel Huettner, Chief Cybersecurity Architect at DEFEND, said:

“What is required to meet the ever-changing threat landscape is a unique service offering combined with a continuous commitment to service improvement.

“Our recent appointment as New Zealand’s Microsoft Partner of the Year is a recognition of the transformation we are driving and helping our customers stay relevant in a globally competitive marketplace.

“Combined with our partnership with Vodafone New Zealand, we have further strengthened our ability to provide the ability to securely connect and protect our customers end-to-end and at scale.”

The company offers 24/7 service to its customers. However, its Cyber ​​Security Office (CSO) services provide clients with sort his leadership and strategic guidance to effectively manage, manage and improve their cyber risk posture.

The solution provides broad visibility and deep expertise across your threat landscape to ensure you achieve the right outcome across culture, governance, risk management, investment programs, and operations to reduce cyber risk. , improve cyber resilience.

The CSO offering is complemented by intelligent Cybersecurity Ecosystem (iCE) services that provide end-to-end security monitoring and response services.

DEFEND also offers a complete Security Operations Center (SOC) capability built on world-leading technology. It leverages the latest Microsoft security technologies combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence to support the company’s skilled analysts and provide customers with the best possible service for their business needs.

The combination of CSO and iCE provides threat intelligence, security management and operational services.

We also offer ATTACK Cyber ​​Security Assurance Services to help our customers identify vulnerabilities and move to a secure by-design culture and mindset.

As the threat landscape becomes more complex and organizations are increasingly exposed to targeted activity, having the ability to recognize threats and proactively block them in real-time is a better fit for organizations. is the key to protecting

By providing threat intelligence and management services to its customers, DEFEND has seen great success with its SHERLOCK product, which supports its iCE service.

In addition, the company offers the full range of cybersecurity capabilities, including access to specialized skills and technology to support internal teams, strategic planning and advice, digital or business transformation, and maintaining or providing ongoing assurance. We support our customers through their challenges.

Ultimately, however, it comes down to focusing everything the company does on improving cyber resilience and reducing cyber risk for its customers. To achieve this, DEFEND partners with its customers and participates in their cyber improvement journeys to adapt and adopt their products and services, consistently delivering the right results so their businesses can run faster and more securely. will do so.

Its customers are those seeking meaningful outcomes that understand business needs across the threat landscape. They are looking for partners who can help them get to market and generate revenue faster with their products and services. This collective approach underpins a strong security culture and posture, enabling these companies to maintain the trust of their customers.

Additionally, while traditional cyber security services focus on technology and service pillars, this alone is not enough to keep organizations secure, and DEFEND’s customers are increasingly realizing this. They need a cybersecurity partner who understands their business and the assets they’re trying to protect. And you need a partner that is nimble enough to consistently deliver intelligent, adaptive results no matter what challenges you face. The company supports its customers with a holistic view of the secure design and management of people and endpoint devices, cloud services, networks, business applications and infrastructure.

The company’s Cybersecurity Transformation Services (CTS) provides this specialized architecture and engineering expertise to ensure a successful digital and technology transformation for its clients.

Businesses can no longer afford to retrofit security or try to retrofit security into technology solutions. Securing by design requires specialized skills and capabilities across cloud environments, identity platforms, connected devices, control systems, and data platforms. That’s where DEFEND’s Specialist Practice brings the experience and capabilities to support our customers.

The changes brought about by COVID-19 have forced all people and organizations to make adjustments. However, in cybersecurity, the impact is very noticeable. The increasing use of digital services to support an ongoing remote workforce and customer base has challenged the boundaries of traditional security perimeters, requiring many organizations to rethink their security strategies and approaches. Adopting a Zero Trust architectural approach to security is an effective way to meet this challenge. DEFEND has already worked with many organizations on their Zero Trust architecture journey, but the emergence of COVID-19 has accelerated the focus and necessity of this strategy.

“All our services are developed and designed for New Zealand organizations looking to serve the New Zealand and global markets,” adds Huettner.

“We have expanded these services and built them to allow our customers to leverage local teams with global capabilities.

“We do not rely on offshore teams to sell or advertise our services. We provide meaningful and measurable results with cost verification and justification.

“We believe that good work gets more work. We are passionate about delivering superior cybersecurity outcomes to our customers. to protect and always provide the best possible return on investment.

“In an increasingly constrained market, we are the partner of choice to support organizations on their cyber resilience journey.

“This relentless commitment makes DEFEND the cyber security employer of choice for New Zealanders who want to return to New Zealand and for those who want to do meaningful work for both their clients and the community. It is now.”

NZ-based DEFEND offers global cyber protection

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