Olivia Newton-John’s Fairy Tale Romance After Mysterious Disappearance

Australian entertainment icon Olivia Newton-John had her loving husband by her side when she died of breast cancer on Monday.

John Easterling, who married the star in 2008, confirmed the tragic news of her death in a statement posted on Facebook on behalf of his family.

“Dame Olivia Newton-John passed away peacefully this morning at her ranch in Southern California surrounded by family and friends.

“Please respect the family’s privacy during this extremely difficult time.

“Olivia has been a symbol of victory and hope, sharing her battle with breast cancer for over 30 years.”

Easterling and Newton-John dated for 16 years and were married for 14 years, but actually knew each other for 20 years before becoming romantic.

The two first met at an environmental show.

The next day, he was in a car accident on his way to the airport, fractured his lower spine, but refused to take pain medication. Australian women’s health.

“I could barely move, so I stayed on[Olivia’s]couch until I was able to travel again,” he said.

From there, we got to know each other better and the first romance blossomed.

However, Easterling admitted to her that he had never seen or even seen her perform grease.

In 2007, he finally made it to one of her shows in Miami, where he lived.

It was that fateful night that the deal was sealed, but in a very unexpected way.

“The lights went out, I heard Peruvian music, and she came out and sang.” chain pearlsaid Easterling balance method.

“(It’s) a very soothing song. That’s when I realized who she was.”

However, he did not mean to “recognize” her celebrity status, but rather her identity as a “healer”.

“I thought, ‘She’s a healer and this is her healing medium.’ I just wanted to introduce her to other healers who work in the Amazon,” he said. .

Since the ’70s, Easterling has traveled the region, searching for ‘eco-treasures’, earning him the nickname ‘Amazon John’. balance method.

When Newton-John agreed to join him in South America, he made sure their connection was genuine.

In June 2008, the loving couple got married in a private ceremony on a mountaintop in Peru.

Newton-John later revealed people: “(It’s) a special sacred place that we went to. We walked there, it was a beautiful day, and it was exactly what we wanted to do.

She also described herself as “very lucky” and let the publication splash her new husband.

“I have a wonderfully beautiful husband, a very loving and wonderful man,” she said.

“I always tell my friends that you are never too old to find love. I am 59 and found the love of my life at 60! Thank you .”

It was the ultimate fairytale ending, marking a bright new chapter following a difficult period in Newton-John’s personal life.

mysterious disappearance

Before her friendship with Easterling turned romantic, the actress and singer was dealing with the heartbreak of the mysterious disappearance of her ex-partner of nine years.

Former photographer Patrick McDermott disappeared in June 2005 during an overnight fishing trip off the coast of California. He was just half an hour before his boat returned to shore. The bill was paid in full and his belongings neatly stacked on the bed.

McDermott, who had reportedly filed for bankruptcy and was owed $12,000 back in child support at the time of his disappearance, may have staged his own death to escape financial hardship. It was claimed

Many sightings have been reported over the years, and in 2017, The photo reportedly appeared Here’s what he looks like in Mexico more than a decade after he went missing.

In the photo, a man who bears a striking resemblance to McDermott is seen in disheveled shirtlessness lounging next to a mysterious woman on the beach.

He was declared dead in 2008, even though none of the 22 passengers on his fishing boat in San Pedro, California, saw him go overboard.

Newton-John remained relatively tight-lipped about the situation over the years, but she acknowledged Nine’s testimony. 60 minutes In 2016, there were still question marks about his mysterious disappearance.

“He went missing at sea and no one really knows what happened,” she told the show.

“It is human to wonder. But as you know, those are the things in life that you have to accept and let go. is.”

In 2009, Newton-John said he was haunted by the trauma of losing him.

“I think there’s always a question mark…I don’t think there’s really going to be peace with that,” she said. Australian women’s weekly magazine magazine.

first marriage

A year before her relationship with McDermott began, Newton-John announced that she and her first husband, Matt Rattanzi, were divorcing.

The pair first met on the set of the 1980 musical film. XanaduRattanj, then 20, was hired as a dancer, and Newton-John, then 31, starred as the Greek muse Kira.

They married four years later in December 1984 and welcomed a daughter, Chloe Rose, in January 1986.

In 1992, the couple faced Newton-John’s first battle with cancer together, and the star’s niece, Totti Goldsmith, later revealed she was “very supportive.”

Just three years later, the couple announced their divorce, but managed to remain friends.

according to people magazine, people close to the pair explained that differences in their personal beliefs were a big factor.

Goldsmith appeared to confirm that detail in an interview people 1995: “The people she chooses to be with now are very spiritual. She needs to find her equal.”

More than 20 years later, her wish finally seemed to come true when her relationship with the man she later described as “the love of my life” began to blossom.

Olivia Newton-John’s Fairy Tale Romance After Mysterious Disappearance

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