Olivia Newton-John’s first husband Matt Rattanzi married his ex-babysitter

The late Olivia Newton-John once spoke of her desire to keep her marriage to John Easterling private.

newton john died Tuesday at the age of 73 after a long battle with cancershe Husband of 14 years with daughter Chloe Rattanzionce said how lucky he was to find “the love of his life” at the age of 59.

came after Mysterious disappearance of ex-partner of nine yearsand her divorce from her first husband, Chloe’s father, Matt Rattanzi, ended in him dating the couple’s ex-nanny before marrying — many crushed Newton-John. Details that I believed to have been done.

However, the actress claimed it never bothered her.

Inside Olivia Newton-John’s First Marriage

When Newton-John and Rattanzi first met on the set of the 1980 musical film, chemistry was instant. XanaduRattanj, then 20, was hired as a dancer, and Newton-John, then 31, starred as the Greek muse Kira.

Four years later, in January 1986, they married and welcomed a daughter, Chloe Rose.

Tragedy struck in 1992 when the couple faced Newton-John’s first cancer battle.The star’s niece, Totti Goldsmith, revealed he was “very supportive” of her. .

However, just three years later, in 1995, the couple announced their divorce.

Ratanji, who was 40 at the time, moved in two years later after breaking up with the family’s babysitter, Cindy Jessup, then 23, but they managed to remain friends.

The couple hired Jessup in 1993 to help take care of Chloe, while Rattanzi was making Australian soaps. paradise beachand she soon became part of the family.

At Jessup and Rattanzi’s 1997 wedding, a friend told reporters that Newton-John was “delighted” that they had fallen in love.

“Cindy used to babysit her daughter a lot and she was a friend of him and Olivia, so it looks bad, but there was no romance at the time.”

Olivia blamed her cancer diagnosis on the split

Newton-John later attributed the breakdown of the marriage in part to her cancer diagnosis.

She admitted that going through a divorce was “painful” but stayed true to form and held no ill will for Ratanji’s marriage to Jessup.

“I think our marriage was finally coming to an end, but it ended early because of cancer, which was a good thing,” she said. daily mail.

“It was very painful, but we were never at odds with each other.

“What happened between us is between us and we will not allow it to affect[Khloé].”

She added: Everyone wants a happy ending and a white picket fence, but especially me. ”

That wish finally seemed to come true when Newton-John met John Easterling, a businessman in the natural health business.

After their low-key wedding in 2008, she said, “I have a very loving and wonderful husband.

“I always tell my friends that you are never too old to find love. I am 59 and found the love of my life at 60! Thank you .”

Matt Rattanzi got married again

As for Lattanzi, after ten years of marriage in 2007, his relationship with Jessup was short-lived.

He has been married once more and now runs a medicinal cannabis farm with his third wife, Michelle Rattanzi, who is in remission from colon cancer, first diagnosed in 2014.

Given that Newton-John was passionate about making medicinal marijuana more widely available for cancer patients to manage their pain, the exes’ values ​​seemed to align in later years.

In honor of my husband’s ex-wife Facebook On Tuesday, Michelle Lattanzi said the world has lost an icon.

“Today we lost the world’s great Olivia Newton-John,” she posted on behalf of the couple.

“Matt and I are overwhelmed with the love and gratitude shared by our community of friends, family and loving fans who will miss Olivia’s presence in this world.

“I have heard wonderful stories and memories from people near and far.

“Nothing can replace the icon we lost, but her legacy lives on, is in our hearts and memories, her contribution to our world culture, her beloved daughter, Chloe Rattanzi, and her Cancer Research and Health Center in Melbourne.

“Please honor your grief and celebrate the joy that Olivia’s heart and life’s achievements have brought to our world.

“Sending all kinds of love.”

first published as Olivia Newton-John’s first husband Matt Rattanzi married his ex-babysitter

Olivia Newton-John’s first husband Matt Rattanzi married his ex-babysitter

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