Online shoppers buy early so they don’t miss Christmas deliveries

Consumers are required to purchase online by the end of November to ensure that gifts are delivered in time for Christmas.

Australian Mail has set a postage deadline of 12 December to ensure that parcels are delivered before Christmas, and 19 December as a guarantee of express post delivery.

Australian postal parcel services are typically delivered within a few business days in metropolitan areas, but the pandemic-led boom in online shopping has disrupted the timeline.

It was blocked in all states during the year, after which Victorian people were closed for several weeks following a second wave of coronavirus that caused excessive delays in delivery.

Consumers can also become accustomed to buying online.

The problem is not only that consumers need to mail parcels for interstates by December 12, but also make sure that the first online purchase arrives in time sufficient to transfer. is.

In August, Australia Post moved 600,000 more parcels than the corresponding month last year, with some interstate borders expected to remain closed until the end of the year, making Australia Post the most ever. We anticipate a busy holiday season.

Gary Star, Australia Post’s executive general manager of business, said parcel services were under extreme pressure in the middle of the year when the coronavirus blockade cut staff in Victoria’s processing facilities by just one-third. He said.

He said people to take into account enough time if they cleared the backlog but still intend to receive online orders just to wrap it, add cards, and repost. Said I recommended it to.

“We encourage people to plan their Christmas shopping early,” Star said.

“November has a lot of sales like Black Friday, and people will want to take advantage of that sales.

“We are hiring more than 4000 people to help us through what we know will be the busiest Christmas we have ever seen from an online shopping perspective.”

He said a letter to the Arctic should be posted by November 26 to give Santa enough time to reply before Christmas.

Dominique Lamb, CEO of the National Retail Association, said consumers need to buy as soon as possible and pay by tracking or express delivery if they can afford it.

Another option is to pay a little extra, wrap the current gift and ship it directly to the recipient of the gift.

“We’ve seen many online retailers offer gift wrapping and direct shipping, so you might get them sent directly, but buy a reputable retailer,” Lam said. Told.

According to Gary Mortimer, a marketing professor at Queensland Institute of Technology, the surge in online purchases could be due to a blockade due to low traffic and the closure of retailers.

He said online retail sales have consistently grown somewhere between 10 and 15% over the past few years, but have doubled this year.

“By 2021, Australians will spend $ 39 billion online, which is estimated to be an increase of about 34 percent year-on-year,” he said.

He said November replaced December as the largest retail sales month and was driven by sales events such as Cyber ​​Monday and Click Frenzy.

“Not many people think it might be easier to ship gifts directly to the person who buys the gift, given the busyness of November and the busyness of the postal service in November.”

Online shoppers buy early so they don’t miss Christmas deliveries

Source link Online shoppers buy early so they don’t miss Christmas deliveries

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