Opposition calls on Australia to develop missiles, warns ‘lucky nation’ days are over | Australian Army

Shadow Defense Minister Andrew Hastie called on Australia to develop and operate its own missiles and warned that the days of the “lucky nations” were over.

On Sunday, Hastie said Australia needs greater deterrence given the “very bleak” strategic outlook for a “rising China” showing “revisionist and expansionist ambitions”. claimed.

The comment was made by Foreign Minister Penny Wong, China launches ballistic missile into Taiwan coastal watersand Climate Change Minister Chris Bowen said Australia would not hesitate to blame China.

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Relations between the two countries remain strained after the Australian government criticized China’s handling of a US diplomatic visit to Taiwan as erratic and over-the-top.

The Chinese embassy said the “pointing” to Beijing was unacceptable and warned Australia not to get involved.

China launched a ballistic missile during a live-fire exercise near Taiwan after U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited the island earlier this week.

Hasty, who served as the coalition’s assistant secretary of defense until he lost his job in May, told ABC Insiders that the missile launches are being used by China as a “major strategic piece to enforce its sphere of influence.” said to show that

He said Australia will have more fuel stockpiles, more ammunition, investments in cyber capabilities, nuclear submarines through the Aukus alliance to “keep the enemy away”, and missiles that can “reach and touch the enemy”. said it needs

“I think we need to work more closely with the United States, the United Kingdom. We are important partners when it comes to missiles,” he said.

Hastie does not refer to allowing the United States to base long-range missiles in Australia, but rather to “develop its own sovereign missiles, owned and supplied by Australia, if necessary. We need to partner to do this,” he said.

Hastie said Australia would cover the capability gap before acquiring nuclear submarines. Collins class submarine extensionstill “locally superior”.

“Richard Marls as defense secretary needs to focus on delivering them. [nuclear] submarine as soon as

he refused Possibility of purchase or development of interim submarinesthe Navy claimed it was not large enough to support three different submarines simultaneously.

Hastie said Australia “needs to continue engaging with China and Taiwan…because what we want is not a miscalculation”.

Mr Bowen said on Sunday that China’s reaction to Mr Pelosi’s visit was “over the top”.

“Obviously it’s time to clear your mind and be calm,” the climate change minister told Nine Network.

“We intend to act in Australia’s national interest and in accordance with our values…we say what we believe should happen in the region and help other countries I will issue a statement even if I do not agree with it.”

A joint statement by Australia, the United States and Japan on Friday condemned the Chinese government’s actions and urged an immediate halt to military exercises.

The Chinese embassy in Australia issued a statement on Saturday expressing concern and “frustration”.

“The actions taken by the Chinese government to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity and to curb separatist activities are legitimate and justified,” the statement said.

“Instead of expressing sympathy and support for the victims, the Australian side blamed the victims along with the perpetrators.”

Wong urged “restraint and de-escalation” after China’s missile launch on Friday.

“It is in all of our interests to bring this region to peace rather than conflict,” she said. “Australia does not want the status quo in the Taiwan Strait to be unilaterally changed.

Hasty on Sunday said that as a “general principle” Australia must be prepared to defend its neighbors. [us]? “

“As a nation of just 26 million people on a vast continent, we need many friends. [as] we get. In fact, it can be said that the days of lucky nations are over. “

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He said Australia should take Singapore and Israel as an example and “given Australia’s size and strength compared to countries like China and Russia, it needs to be prepared for the challenges ahead.”

In the event of a conflict over Taiwan, “whether we are directly or indirectly involved in the perimeter, we will definitely be in a shootout. That’s why we need to build deterrence.” ”.

“I would love to visit Taiwan one day,” Hastie said, noting that he had already been invited.

Opposition calls on Australia to develop missiles, warns ‘lucky nation’ days are over | Australian Army

Source link Opposition calls on Australia to develop missiles, warns ‘lucky nation’ days are over | Australian Army

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