Optus CEO breaks down while apologizing to customers after ‘skillful attack’

Optus CEO Kelly Bayer Rosmarin held back tears as he issued a heartfelt apology following a sophisticated attack that exposed the personal information of millions of customers.

“I’m very, very sorry. It shouldn’t have happened,” said Bayer Rosmarin, devastated when asked by her tech guide about how she felt knowing the attack had occurred on her watch. was

“We’re upset that some of our customers want to do this.

“I am disappointed that we were unable to prevent this.

“As a pioneer and a true challenger in our industry, we are disappointed to see all the great work we have done to create new and amazing experiences for our customers.”

According to Optus, the sophisticated attack was reported to have originated in Europe, where the attackers constantly changed IP addresses to cover their tracks.

Bayer Rosmarin said Optus noticed suspicious activity on Wednesday and quickly identified it as a cyberattack.

“The team will look at steps to block it and start the process of figuring out exactly what happened,” she says.

“I learned of this 24 hours before going live to the press via a phone call from our Chief Information Officer (Mark Potter).

“From that stage on, we didn’t understand the extent of it.

“We are confident that something happened and the team has begun the process of trying to reproduce a log of exactly what happened.

“It wasn’t until later that night that I realized it was important.

“We tried to notify everyone by 2pm the next day and get all the ducks in line.

“This is probably one of the fastest responses in this kind of situation.”

According to the Optus CEO, the number of customers whose details have been stolen is exaggerated.

“The absolute worst-case scenario number is 9.8 million, but looking at the information, we expect that number to be significantly lower.”

Bayer Rosmarin said at a press conference that no passwords or financial information had been stolen.

“No passwords or banking details were captured, so there’s no simple message to update your passwords or contact your financial institution,” she said.

Optus CEO Kelly Bayer Rosmarin Addresses Media Today

“But heightened vigilance in all aspects of people’s behavior to detect new patterns early, work together between government agencies and customers to shut them down, and hopefully identify and catch who did this. need to do it.”

Optus revealed that the hacked data contained previous customer information dating back to 2017. Bayer Rosmarin also clarified why customers were not contacted directly about the breach because they feared it was a phishing attack.

“In terms of contacting customers, we weren’t very specific and prescriptive about how we were doing it, especially because we didn’t want people to get in front of us with phishing attacks.” she said she said

“The important thing is to reach out to customers. We can’t tell you exactly how we’re doing, except we don’t send links in SMS or email messages.”

Optus CEO breaks down while apologizing to customers after ‘skillful attack’

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