Optus Hack: Service NSW Turns Down People Seeking Alternative Driver’s License

Victims of the Optus hack trying to replace their driver’s license report leaving the Service NSW center amid widespread confusion over the process.

On Tuesday, the governments of New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland announced that Optus customers whose details have been made public in large-scale data breaches can now apply. Alternate license.

Nearly 10 million Australians had their data compromised in cyberattacks, with passport details, addresses and dates of birth accessed by hackers.

Victor Dominero, New South Wales’s minister of customer services, said on Tuesday that Optus will notify customers in the coming days if their license numbers are stolen during the attack.

The NSW Government has issued instructions for customers to apply for reissue licenses.

“Customers notified by Optus that both their driver’s license number and driver’s license card number have been compromised are strongly encouraged to apply for a replacement license,” Dominello wrote on Twitter. .

“Behind the scenes, NSW’s customer service department, Transport for NSW, Cyber ​​Security NSW, ID Support, Birth, Death and Marriage Registration are working with Optus to facilitate the NSW identity card reissue process. We make it as seamless as possible.”

However, many Twitter users responded that the minister had been turned down or given conflicting information.

“Service NSW is denying all applications for new licenses due to Optus violations,” one wrote. “They refused to take my paperwork even though they had a police report. Could you escalate this policy to change it?”

Another user wrote, “Yesterday I went to Service NSW with a document containing a police report and a separate email from Optus to exchange driver license numbers. I was told that I had received an email from Transport NSW not to exchange my license for the round and round.”

One person, who wished to remain anonymous, messaged a service NSW representative in an online chat message at

“If you receive an email from Optus stating that your license details have been released, please attend your local center with your ID and our staff will assist you in the process of changing your license number, including your card. Please tell them so,” the representative wrote.

The person said, “I got the email, but I saw a lot of people going to the center this morning and being turned down.”

The rep then said they received a new update.

“Our internal team recommends replacing license cards instead of changing license numbers, which can be done online,” they wrote.

“This is because people [sic] I am back from the center. Only customers who are concerned that their ID has been compromised should contact ID Support NSW on 1800 001 040 to check the weather. [sic] You need to change the license number or just the card. ”

A representative said the Service NSW center has “many other transactions and most customers with similar issues are causing problems at the center.”

“It was [sic] Most of them only require a license exchange that can be done online,” they wrote.

To apply, residents with a digital driver’s license should visit the Service NSW app. The app instantly issues a temporary card number that can be used in place of a plastic license.

A new plastic license card will be issued and delivered to the resident’s home within 10 business days.

Those applying for a new card will have to pay a $29 reissuance fee upfront, Dominello said, “but Optus will be issuing refund advice to customers shortly.”

Service NSW said its service centers across the state are receiving more inquiries than usual.

A spokesperson said, “We apologize for the inconvenience. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

“The NSW Government is working with Optus to support affected customers following the recent Optus cyberattack.

“Customers will be notified by Optus of any necessary remediation activities.

Most customers do not need new licenses or card numbers. ”

She added that customers who receive a license replacement notice from Optus can do so immediately.

“Replacement licenses include a new card number for our customers, and digital driver licenses can be updated in hours and sent to customers in weeks,” she said.

“New regulations, which came into force on 1 September 2022, require both NSW driver license numbers and card numbers to pass a National Document Verification Service (DVS) check.”

DVS checks are used by institutions such as banks and Service NSW to verify a person’s identity.

Replacing a driver’s license in New South Wales provides the customer with a new card number and protects them from fraudulent DVS checks using information from their old card.

“Only customers who believe they have been the target of bona fide identity theft or fraud should apply for a new driver’s license number request,” she said.

You can exchange your NSW driver’s license online Or visit our Service NSW Service Center.

Optus Hack: Service NSW Turns Down People Seeking Alternative Driver’s License

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