Organization expert Marie Kondo reveals she ‘gives up’ on organization

After becoming a household name and “annoying” her loved ones with her infamous tidying habits, Marie Kondo made a confession that no one expected.

A Japanese organizational consultant built a profitable business after developing a tidying skill called the KonMari method. This made her a best-selling author and her own Netflix show.

This technique encourages you to organize by category, not by location. It starts with clothes, then books, papers, miscellaneous items, and finally sentimental items.

Adopters of the decluttering method are encouraged to keep only what resonates with them and discard what no longer “makes them feel joyful.”

Boy did it hit, The house was thrown into ‘chaos’ as it attempted to achieve an almost unattainable level of perfection.

But the 38-year-old – who once described her The love of immaculate homes as an ‘obsession’ — she revealed that her life has been “messy” since welcoming her third child in 2021.

“I used to be a professional tidyer, so I did my best to keep the house clean,” she said during a recent webinar through an interpreter. washington post reported on Thursday.

“I gave up on it in a good way.

“Now I realize that the most important thing for me is to stay at home and enjoy the time I spend with my children.”

The hospitalization was a complete turnaround for the controlled home life she had previously led, and understandably, it surprised many.

“Marie Kondo is my new hero,” declared one mother on Twitter.

Joy was definitely sparked this week when I read that even Marie Kondo, best known for her books and Netflix show about tidying up, ‘give up’ on tidying up following the arrival of her third child. Welcome to the club, Marie! ” Another share.

Another mother said: I have one child with her, but she has also given up on keeping the house clean. My son destroys at least 2 of her rooms within 3 working hours. sufficient. “

Some called the backflip “shocking” and “unexpected”.

It has also been speculated that Kondo’s admission comes after the “maximalist aesthetic” that has become popular over the last few years is no longer a trend as a result of lockdowns. new york post.

Hugh Long, an interior designer who made TikTok fame, said, “People want to decorate Capital D right now because they’ve been working from home for so long and Marie Kondo has stripped down all the characters.” Because I saw you there,” he said.

Kondo also seems to have succumbed to the effects of the pandemic after describing her home as “messy.”

“My house is a mess, but the way I spend my time is the right way for me at this stage in my life,” she said during the webinar.

her latest book “Marie Kondo’s Lifestyle: How to Arrange Your Space and Realize Your Ideal Lifestyle”reportedly documenting a shift in her priorities.

Kondo’s lifestyle has a shocking twist, but by finding out what makes her happy each day, even if there are chores left unfinished, she finds another way to live her life. I hold the mantra of ‘Spark Joy’.

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Organization expert Marie Kondo reveals she ‘gives up’ on organization

Source link Organization expert Marie Kondo reveals she ‘gives up’ on organization

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