P-Valley Season 2 Episode 9 Exclusive Sneak Peek | Video

season 2 of “P Valley” It’s almost over, but there are a few more times curve ball to keep us on the edge of our seats. In Episode 9 “Snow”, pinkThe ‘framily’ appeared through the club and is still appearing another unforgettable night (Remember Murda Night?). But in this exclusive sneak peek of her next episode, Uncle Clifford (Nikko Nan) and Mercedes (Brandy Evans) reach a crossroads, realizing that her days dancing in pink are all but over. increase.

“I should have taken out this hoe five years ago.”

“I can’t crush it like I used to. I’m well past retirement. I should have taken this hoe out five years ago,” Mercedes said after she stormed out of the club. As Miss Miss Mississippi Keyshawn (Shannon Thornton) battles again for The Pinkkook’s spot, the veteran headliner acknowledges the fact that it may be time for her to move on. trying to figure out And even Uncle Clifford’s words of wisdom and cheeky rules can’t bring Mercedes comfort in her crisis.

“Mercedes, ever since I was little, I thought I’d find a castle with a tall tower and lock myself in there and throw away the key,” says Uncle Clifford. It crumbles, especially when it’s made of sand, and sometimes you have to learn how to dream new dreams.” Mercedes replies, “You seem to be talking to yourself.”

Will Mercedes say goodbye to The Pink forever? Uncle Clifford could headline Miss Mississippi or newcomers Whisper (Psalm Salazar) and Roulette (Gale Bean)? Find out when Episode 9 of P-Valley Season 2 airs on Sunday, August 7th.

P-Valley Season 2 Episode 9 Exclusive Sneak Peek | Video

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