Pakistan v England: Second Men’s T20 Cricket International – Live | Pakistan v England 2022

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19 overs: England 180-5 (Moen 38, Curran 9) Sam Curran, current two-time County Championship winner Sam Curran, kicks off Rauch’s final over with a ramp of four. However, Rauch managed to limit damage elsewhere, with only four more runs left in the set.

18 overs: England 172-5 (Curran 2, Moen 37) Moen moves to the leg side and Dahani chases after him, but the left-hander quickly escapes and finds four in deep mid-wicket. A short ball followed and Moeen hit it straight towards Khushdil Shah, deep in mid-wicket… drop it! Hmm, that really should have been taken. Moeen finishes the over with a 4 in the fine leg region.

Wicket! Brook b Rauf 31 (England 160-5)

Rauch shorted and Brook hooked to a fine leg. another Six. But Rauff ends a fun Boling Brook that was trying to pull off a very ambitious scoop.

17 overs: England 160-5 (Moen 27, Curran 0)

16 overs: England 151-4 (Moen 25, Brook 24) The moth is flying! Ride the short ball from Hasnain and hit the square leg boundary. He dug out Yorker for his one ball next, but Brook finished the over with an incredible six of his. It was a late ball from Hasnain that gave Brook room to drive long off over the ropes. These two are playing happily.

15 overs: England 133-4 (Brook 13, Moen 18) Finish the over with a back-to-back six from Moen! In both cases he keeps it simple. Get him down on his knees and hit it into the deep midwicket. Moen against spins in this format is always hell on the clock.

14 overs: England 114-4 (Moen 1, Brook 12) Optimistic reviews from Pakistan go nowhere before Brooke follows up the couple with a hook from Dahani. 76 meters long from the Yorkshireman.

13 overs: England 103-4 (Brook 3, Moen 1) Pakistan is back in the game here with the dismissal of Salt and Duckett. It’s time for Mo to try.

Wicket! Duckett b Nawaz 43 (England 101-3)

Big, big breakthrough. After another boundary, Duckett shuffles across his crease again, opening up the area behind his leg-side square, but Nawaz finally gets revenge, straightening his ball and turning his I knocked over the stump.

big one. Ben Duckett is 43. Photo: Alex Davidson/Getty Images

12 overs: England 96-3 (Brook 1, Duckett 39) Harry Brooke comes on board and puts up some solid forward defense for Rauch before leading Mann to a single in a 1-on-3. Topover from tearaway.

Wicket! Salt b Rauf 30 (England 95-3)

Babar decided to get back on the pace and called in Harris Rauch going straight and fast to beat Salt’s heave. A much needed wicket for Pakistan.

Phil Salt bowls 30 points.
Phil Salt bowls 30 points. Photo: Alex Davidson/Getty Images

11 overs: England 93-2 (Salt 28, Duckett 39) Top sweep again! Duckett worked hard to pick four more on Qadir’s Google and then… another 1! This time with a leg spinner, Duckett hits it into the ropes with a deep midwicket. This pair comes with 50 stands.

10 overs: England 80-2 (Salt 26, Duckett 28) Duckett looks really good in sweeps – and he can play all sorts of things. He goes orthodox, taking boundaries from Nawaz’s first ball and playing a delicate ramp for a couple. A left-handed player looks back and after a few pitches he draws two and on the reverse he slaps and he hits four.

9 overs: England 66-2 (Duckett 15, Salt 25) Kadir is starting to gain a decent grip off the surface. Duckett performs sweeps (orthodox and reverse), but Salt fails to hit the sharp leggy with the bat.

8 overs: England 62-2 (Salt 24, Duckett 12) Very cheeky from salt as a reverse sweep/dab gets him a couple from offside. But Duckett outscored him on the final ball of Nawaz’s over, nailing his ramp over the keeper’s head with a four. It was great.

Seven overs: England 53-2 (Duckett 7, Salt 20) The spiral of Uthman Qadir comes to the game. When he gets awkward and ragged, he’s lovely to watch. Nothing too lethal in that over, but he goes by just 5.

6 overs: England 48-2 (Duckett 6, Salt 16) Ben Duckett survives a hat-trick ball and picks up a couple by the leg side to move himself. Dahani finishes with a cutter that Duckett has not fooled. He plays a controlled pull to pick up the first boundary. Nonetheless, cracks in Pakistan.

Wicket! Malang b Dahani 0 (England 42-2)

I hit the ball on his leg! Maran shows his leg stump and misses the flick as Dahani hits a hat-trick over the wicket. Fast and straight – the game is so simple sometimes.

Outside! Photo: Alex Davidson/Getty Images

Wicket! Hales b Dahani 26 (England 42-1)

Hales’ luck finally runs out when Dahani returns to rattle the stump!

Alex Hales bowled by Shahnawaz Dahani.
Alex Hales bowled by Shahnawaz Dahani. Photo: Anjum Naveed/AP

5 overs: England 42-0 (Salt 16, Hales 26) Harris Rauch is somehow not bowling Hales there. Hales then opened offside and slapped the ball to the rear point, which dripped four more times.

4 overs: England 32-0 (Salt 11, Hales 21) Dahani joined the attack with his very straight running run. Hales, after missing a pull, lifts the third ball wide and continues to enjoy his luck. Now he has one thick edge fly to the keeper’s right and he takes 4 points. Smash mode tonight. Finish the over with a single with a salt punch mid-off.

3 overs: England 24-0 (Salt 9, Hales 15) After a few points, Hales managed to flick legside to score four behind squares. He uses his crease again on the next ball and gets away with a flying thick edge. six Beyond the rope of the third person!

2 overs: England 13-0 (Salt 9, Hales 4) Cracking Shot from Salt! He picked up Mohammad Nawaz’s left-arm spin in his 6-over long off. Hales also tries to play big, but is still looking for the middle tonight.

First time: England 3-0 (Salt 2, Hales 1) Hasnain on the pads goes up first and Salt’s flick to a fine leg gives him a one. There are some nice shapes from right-handed to Hales next ball and off the mark on the second ball. A solid start from the age of 22, Pakistan’s only change from the other day.

Well then, it’s finally time to start. David Gower is in charge of communications, Mohammad Hasnain has the ball and Phil Salt is on strike. let’s play.

A lovely welcome from John Starbuck: “Welcome to the wonderful world of OBO. All opinions come from all over the world.” Thank you for inviting us!

Elsewhere, Surrey won the County Championship. Rory Burns smashed a 30* off 16 balls (!) in a 55 chase against Yorkshire at The Oval to win the team over the line. Tanya Ordred takes it all in.


Pakistan: Babar Azam (c), Mohammad Rizwan (wk), Haider Ali, Shan Masoud, Iftikar Ahmed, Kushdir Shah, Mohammad Nawaz, Uthman Qadir, Harris Rauf, Mohammad Hasnein, Shanawaz Dahani

England: Phil Salt (wk), Alex Hales, Dawid Maran, Ben Duckett, Harry Brooke, Moen Ali (c), Sam Curran, David Wiley, Adil Rashid, Liam Dawson, Luke Wood

England win the toss and bat first

Moeen wins the toss again, but England take the bat first tonight. One change: Richard Gleeson’s pace has been reduced and Liam’s Dawson’s left arm has been tweaked.

There is also only one change for Pakistan. Replacing Naseem Shah is Mohammad Hasnain, who is also very fast.


Hello hello hello. We are back in Karachi. Seven – T20 is between England and Pakistan.

The newly reborn England delivered a fully professional performance on Tuesday. Newcomer Luke his wood played the part and bowled hard to win 3-24. Meanwhile, Alex Hales marked the return of half a century after his three-year exile. Harry Brook played the best knock of his international career to date and comfortably his six-wicket win saw him smash 25 to 42*. Pakistan, on the other hand, hardly smiled as an 85-run stand flew between his two men of Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan.

But it was also one of the nights when the games were secondary. England is back in Pakistan for the first time since her 2005. The gradual return of international cricket to these shores means a lot to the cricket-loving people of this country, so there was much to celebrate in the opening match of the series. The host was below par. “Karachi put on a show tonight” Hales said after that.

And now the fun at NSK continues. Expect another electric vibe. I’ll be back for a bit with Toss and the team. It’s also my OBO debut for him, so take it easy on me guys (someone sort out my cap presentation).slide to my DM @tahahash Or contact us at

Pakistan v England: Second Men’s T20 Cricket International – Live | Pakistan v England 2022

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