Pandemic Compound Gender Pay Gap

Business management platform MYOB reveals in a new report that the gender pay gap among small and medium enterprise (SME) employees is now 7.5%, favoring men.

up to date MYOB Success Report: Small Business WagesIn addition to a survey of 1,000 small business owners and operators, we compared median hourly wages.Due to the pandemic, increased caregiving responsibilities impacted more female employees than male employees. I was. Also, 15% of respondents said women were more likely to be unable to work at their normal capacity, more than twice as likely to be affected (6.4%) than men, and likely to face reduced job security. are twice as likely (13% of them). women compared to 7% of men).

Gender pay gap The WGEA calculates a 14.1% gap in favor of men in terms of average income, a widely established concern across all sectors,” said Helen Lea, MYOB’s Chief Employee Experience Officer. I’m here. “In addition to established systemic challenges, the pandemic has exacerbated many social and economic factors that contribute to unequal outcomes for women. It was especially noticeable in industries most affected by virus restrictions.”

Gender pay gap aside, the report reveals some positive developments. Flexible working, accelerated by the pandemic, has benefited 11% of women compared to 5% of men. It also notes that the pandemic has increased wages for women by 11% compared to just 6% for men, and increased opportunities for 11% for women compared to 6% for men.

The report also shows that overall wage increases are a priority for 84% of SMEs, with 51% having raised wages in the last 12 months.

“Australian small businesses are trying to get back to their normal operating rhythms. However, the situation remains challenging as labor shortages and cost of living are putting significant pressure on both businesses and employees,” Lea said. said.

“Despite challenges, these findings demonstrate the commitment of SMEs, the country’s largest employers, to bring wage growth to the 7.6 million Australians they employ,” she added. . “By drawing attention to the gender pay gap and providing ways to address discrepancies, we hope to help the sector create more equitable outcomes for Australians.”

Pandemic Compound Gender Pay Gap

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