Paramount withdraws AFL bid, looks to future deals

However, Nine generally does not agree to contracts unless they have the right to distribute across all platforms, including streaming service Stan. With Seven wanting more games and digitizing rights so matches can be broadcast on 7Plus, Foxtel hopes to regain its position as the home of most of his AFL matches.

However, the negotiations are in line with many other high-priced content deals, including cricket, tennis and the Olympics. Advanced talks between media companies and NBCUniversalThe US film studio behind popular shows such as Office, Brave New World When gang of london, is also in progress. Commonwealth Games is about to enter an exclusive negotiation period with Victoria 2026 Games broadcast partner Seven. The AFL results will have a big impact on what other rights networks can offer and inevitably where people can watch sports.

“In any rights negotiation, you have to focus on your business. What makes sense for us, what is the right level to invest in, what is the right exchange of value,” McGarvey said. “Obviously, there’s a lot of speculation about a lot of things. I try not to get caught.”

Kantar data released last week showed more than 500,000 subscriptions canceled in Australia in the second quarter of this year, with nearly 40% contributing to the decision to save money amid rising costs. . In Australia, between April and June 2022, he has 6.3 million households subscribed to at least one of his video streaming services.

Paramount is one of the cheaper streaming options at $8.99, but it also lacks the variety of content that aggregator platforms like Netflix and Stan have. McGarvey said a price increase was inevitable.

“I think it’s unrealistic to think it’s going to stay there forever,” she said. It’s new, so I haven’t been there yet, and I’ll certainly research what the market’s capacity is in terms of that price point, but I think it’s got quite a bit of headroom before it gets close to its competitors.

“Even if they move at some point, it may or may not, but I think it will still be very competitive.”

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Paramount withdraws AFL bid, looks to future deals

Source link Paramount withdraws AFL bid, looks to future deals

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