Paul Galen Boxing v Justin Hodges Time Australia, Ben Hannant Fight Stream, Fight Cards

Pots of gold await if Justin Hodges and Ben Hannant stop the NSW Blues and Cronulla legends at the Nissen Arena. For Garen, it’s all about pride and bragging rights.

How Galen’s historic match will play out

After weeks of discussion, the format was confirmed after Gallen threatened to leave.

Both bouts will be four rounds of two minutes each, with Galen set to rest at least an hour in between.

Ben Hannant is expected to be the first opponent before Justin Hodges and Galen close the card.

Galen earlier in the week accused his promoter, No Limit, of throwing him under a bus for not communicating orders to his fighters.

“In general,[I]don’t feel good about it,” Galen said.

“My preparation is going well and I am in good shape. Everything is fine with my fight fitness, but I am not satisfied.

“It’s a big challenge. I’m fighting two guys in one night, and I still don’t know who I’ll be fighting first, what’s going on, how the fight will work. Honestly. It’s a bit of a pain to say, a***.”

Adding to Galen’s frustration, Hodges and Hannant are given an extraordinary financial incentive if they beat their rivals.

The Queensland greats have agreed to the terms of a rematch clause under which the duo will each pocket $1 million in their comeback match against Galen, who will play his retirement match in December.


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Paul Galen’s retirement fight could be a multi-million dollar showdown with UFC legend Rob Whittaker.

On the eve of his doubleheader against Justin Hodges and Ben Hannant in Brisbane tonight, News Corp reported that Galen’s promoter, No Limit Boxing, will be talking to Whitaker about the Cross-Combat blockbuster before Christmas this year. You can clarify what you have discussed.

Garen has one match left on his No Limit contract. The boxing-promoting power wants the NRL legend to blaze with glory with Whittaker.

Former Oakland-born UFC World Champion Galen, who recently turned 41, will be a dangerous opponent.

Whittaker beat Martin Vettori two weeks ago in France and No Limits boss Matt Rose is a 31-year-old who was in a development program at Cronulla, the very NRL club where Galen won the premiership in 2016. I admitted that I had spoken to him several times. .

Rose said that if Galen disposes of Hannant and Hodges at the Nissan Arena in Brisbane, he will, as expected, step up his plans for a Swan Song showdown with Whittaker.

“The fight between Hannant and Hodges gets in the way of a massive crossover fight between Gal and Rob Whitaker,” Rose said.

“I was recently in France to watch Rob’s fight, and after his victory sat down to discuss Rob’s fight with Gal.

“We’ve been talking to Rob and his team about this for two years, and we’re now at the stage where we want to have serious negotiations to make this fight a reality.

“Rob wants to do it, but he has contractual obligations with the UFC that need to be worked out.

“Size-wise, there’s not much difference. Rob walks around at around 95kg and Gal around 100kg, so it’s going to be a great crossover fight and if Gal is ready for his last major fight, I want to make it happen. I think

Garen will need a huge payday to consider fighting Whitaker, given the heavy punishment he’s absorbed for his valiant defeats to Huni and Terzievski.

The biggest payday of his career was the $1.6 million jackpot he picked up at a 10-round slagfest against Huni, which is more than triple the estimated $500,000 he receives for fighting Hannant and Hodges.

Galen admits he’s ready to hang up his gloves after an impressive 21-year professional sports career.

“I’m looking forward to seeing it all come to an end,” he said.

“I’m on the back end right now and I’m tired of hyping things up. I’m tired of being the guy who runs the show. I’m a little over it and I’m over sparring.” .

“There’s no question I’ve done a lot. I’ve trained hard over the years and have dealt with some big punches.

“The toughest physical fight in my NRL and boxing career was against Terzhevski.

“I don’t know if it shows my age, but I’ve never spent more than that night.

“I almost stopped him in the ninth round, but in the tenth round I tried to catch him. He was running away from me. I couldn’t chase him. I was completely gone. I didn’t have any.

“I’ve never felt so tired in my career, but maybe it’s because I’m showing my age at 41.

“I was completely insane.”

Wife’s orders: Hanant fighting Garen for the family pool

— Robert Craddock

Ben Hannant succumbed to someone he never had a chance to beat…his wife after saying “no” three times to his fight with Paul Gallen.

“I kept saying no, but we were building a new house and my wife[Emma]kept saying if I win this fight we can get the pool in,” Hannant said. Told.

“You know what they say – happy wife, happy life – so here we go.”

Its not-yet-constructed pool (let’s call it the Paul Gallen Aquatic Center) is ready for big workouts.

Hannant is the father of eight children, and while a new home is being built on his Gold Coast land, Hannant, Emma, ​​and their eight children share three bedrooms and a Packed into a one bathroom cottage.

Hanant is expected to fight the warrior Garen first of Galen’s two games at Nissan Arena were in front of former fellow Bronco Justin Hodges. I will be 41 in about an hour.

By night, the big bash turned into boxing as much as cricket. Some (Hannant) rate it as entertainment his event, others (Gallen) treat it as seriously lethal.

“I think everything I do is entertainment,” Hannant said at Wednesday’s weigh-in.

If you thought you could do in 4 weeks what a boxer takes 10 to 20 years to master, this is the mistake I made when I fought Hodgo. Don’t do it.

“I’m a stupid front rower. I can absorb a key point or two. That’s it. I’m going to throw a sledgehammer. All I need is a connection or two…”

Hannant, who needs to change his nickname from polar bear to grizzly bear if he is to be taken seriously by the boxing world, had a ready smile on the eve of the fight, but this is a dangerous night.

No one thinks prizefighter Galen looks like Australia’s Tyson Fury, but he’s tough, experienced, and ruthless.

It would be in his best interest to finish off Hannant as soon as possible to save Hodges energy.

Hanant may consider it entertainment, but eating leather sandwiches for dinner when the kids are at ringside isn’t fun.

When Hodges was knocked out by Darcy Lussick, he said the most chastening part of his entire night in the ring was making his son Carter cry on the phone when he returned to the dressing room.

The question arises as to how Boxer can protect his children from the fallout, but Hanant has no hesitation in bringing his clan on.

“It’s real life. As parents a lot of the time we protect and protect our kids. This is the real world. You’re trying to get people to disagree with what you believe.”

“The older kids are coming to the fight. It’s late night for them, but it’s a win-win. They’re proud that their dad came in and cracked. If I win they’ll be proud.” You would think and they would piss me off if I lost… We are a family, we lose together and have fun.

“I’ve run marathons with Ironman. If you face a challenge and run towards it, you’ll never be the same again.”

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Paul Galen Boxing v Justin Hodges Time Australia, Ben Hannant Fight Stream, Fight Cards

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