Pell returns to Vatican for a personal audience with Pope Francis

“It worked very well,” Pell told reporters in front of his residence just outside the Vatican wall.

Pell returned to Rome on September 30 for the first time since 2017 and found a swirling financial corruption scandal involving six Holy See employees, including Cardinal Angelovechiu, one of Pell’s Vatican enemies. ..

Cardinal George Pell has returned to the Vatican after being convicted and acquitted of sexual abuse in News via AP

Pell, brought in by Francis in 2014 to bring accountability and transparency to Vatican’s opaque finances, was convicted, but when he was a bishop in the 1990s, St Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne. He was finally exempted by the Australian High Court for molesting two choirs in.

He maintained his innocence for a long time and, without evidence, suggested that his indictment was related to his efforts to clean the Vatican’s finances. For seven years, Becciu primarily managed the Department of State’s multi-million euro asset portfolio and congregational donations.

Francis dismissed Bechiu last month on allegations of embezzlement of Holy See money. He denied cheating.

When Pell was Minister of Economy, Bechiu was second in the Vatican State Department.

After Bechiu was dismissed, Pell said, “The Vatican’s finances have been elected. He has played a long game and should be grateful and blessed for his recent progress.” .. Mr. Pell said he hoped that “cleaning the stables” would continue.

Becciu’s lawyer denied Italian media reports that his client had sent money to Australia to help Pell’s “enemy” while facing sexual abuse charges.

An Australian man who accused Pell of sexually abusing Pell 20 years ago denied an Italian report through his attorney that he speculated that he might have received a bribe to testify.

Pell’s Australian attorney, Robert Rictor, called for an investigation “to track the path of money.” He said it should include Italian and Australian researchers.

“If you want to give credibility to what you’re claiming, it’s important to do all the proper monetary tracking exercises,” Richter told Reuters.

Reuters, Associated Press

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Pell returns to Vatican for a personal audience with Pope Francis

Source link Pell returns to Vatican for a personal audience with Pope Francis

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