Penpix of Sydney’s AFL Grand Final team

The pen picks of the Sydney team in the AFL Grand Final.

back line

13. Oliver Florent

Age: 24. Games: 117. Goals: 37. Final: 4.

The line breaker gains speed and momentum and can run through midfield, but has been in every game this year and is often a defensive exit.

30. Tom McCartin

Age: 22. Games: 94. Goals: 28. Final: 4.

Teaming up with his brother Paddy, he succeeds as a key defensive pillar, is a sharp intercept marker, and has a clever knack for ruining his opponents.

34. Dane Lampe

Age: 32. Games: 214. Goals: 7. Final: 18.

Overlooked in the draft until the age of 22, he is now All-Australian club captain and one of the league’s most versatile and stingy backmen.

half back line

22. Nick Blakey

Age: 22. Games: 77. Goals: 32. Final: 2.

He hopes to join his father John, two Premiership players from North Melbourne, as flag winners.

39. Paddy McCartin

Age: 26. Games: 58. Goals: 34. Finals: 2.

The No. 1 pick in the 2014 draft, he retired from St Kilda at the end of 2019 due to a concussion. The Sydney rookie has missed just one game this season.

44. Jake Lloyd

Age: 28. Games: 199. Goals: 33. Final: 15.

Calm, composed, and consistent in collecting disposals at will, Backman reaches the 200-game milestone on the biggest stages.

center line

14. Callum Mills

Age: 25. Games: 134. Goals: 18. Final: 6.

A consistent midfield model, tackling and contested ball acquisition are as much a hallmark as his ability to create spectacle.

1. Chad Warner

Age: 21. Games: 38. Goals: 26. Final: 3.

One of the competition’s rising stars, he is the archetype of the modern day midfielder, combining talent, coolness and a love of straightforward work in a group.

27. Justin McInerney

Age: 22. Games: 52. Goals: 18. Final: 3.

A potent blend of speed and endurance has become a key cog in the on-ball brigade with clearances and a career-best season in the under-50s.

half forward line

5. Isaac Heaney

Age: 26. Games: 153. Goals: 196. Final: 12.

The complete offensive package – good overheads, proficiency at ground level, sharp shooter – is in the midst of his most prolific scoring season.

20. Sam Reed

Age: 30. Games: 180. Goals: 183. Final: 13.

Tall attack targets are below the damage cloud with adductor muscle tension. If passed, he will join Luke Parker as the only member of the 2022 squad, who won his premiership medal with the Swans in 2012.

9. Will Hayward

Age: 23. Games: 113. Goals: 133. Final: 4.

Unprecedented but hardworking and dependable, he has posted career-best numbers in goals, disposals, marks and under-50s this season.

forward line

11. Tom Pupley

Age: 26. Games: 140. Goals: 220. Final: 10.

Attacking Energizer is one of the league’s most dangerous and effective small forwards and a proven big-game performer who inspires his teammates.

23. Lance Franklin

Age: 35. Games: 340. Goals: 1047. Final: 27.

Two of Hawthorn’s premiership players, the player remains the AFL’s main draw card, a phenomenal brilliance and the ability to win games on his own.

21. Errol Gulden

Age: 20. Games: 42. Goals: 32. Final: 3.

Another young mainstay who has appeared in every match this year can be deployed on-ball or in attack, showing a subtle knack for scoring goals.


31. Tom Hickey

Age: 31. Games: 138. Goals: 45. Final: 5.

The first player to be featured by an AFL club in four states this year, he has improved his hitouts, disposals and career averages under 50 seconds.

8. James Lowbottom

Age: 21. Games: 68. Goals: 22. Final: 3.

They have emerged as a blue-collar midfield power, evidenced by their all-time season averages for contested possessions, tackles and clearances.

26. Luke Parker

Age: 29. Games: 259. Goals: 190. Final: 21.

Another swan in the 2012 premiership, then a grand final stand-in, is now a true midfield master with more than just a hard edge but great skill.


3. Dylan Stevens

Age: 21. Games: 29. Goals: 8. Final: 2.

The speedy wingman is enjoying a breakout season in his third year with the Swans and has been a mainstay since earning a recall in the 15th round.

42. Robbie Fox

Age: 29. Games: 66. Goals: 8. Final: 3.

Placed on the rookie list in 2016, the multi-talented Tasmanian’s tenacity has been rewarded with some of his most consistent performances after being recalled mid-season.

4. Ryan Clark

Age: 25. Games: 80. Goals: 16. Final: 2.

The unnamed role player has played 11 games in a row, and another tagging task looms. Possibly Sturgeon’s defender Tom his Stewart.

2. Hayden McLean

Age: 23. Games: 30. Goals: 26. Final: 1.

Recalled as a decider, he kicked at least one goal in his first eight games of the year, but has not been seen in the AFL ranks since.


16. Braden Campbell

Age: 20. Games: 24. Goals: 3. Final: 2.

As a medical stand-in for the last two finals, he offers the versatility to deploy in all areas where his sweet left foot is a creative weapon.

6. Logan McDonald

Age: 20. Games: 24. Goals: 24. Final: 2.

He was kicked out of the squad after 17 appearances in his second season in the AFL, but it paid a painful price, scoring just one goal in two finals.

7. Harry Cunningham

Age: 28. Games: 161. Goals: 48. Final: 11.

The mighty has not appeared since the 18th round and has only made 10 appearances this year, but is equally adept in attacking, defending and midfield roles.

17. Will Gould

Age: 21. Games: 0. Goals: 0. Finals: 0.

There have been no AFL matches in three seasons.The former South Australian under-18 captain played in the SANFL premiership alongside Glenelg when he was 18.

Penpix of Sydney’s AFL Grand Final team

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