Pet-friendly hotels: where does Australia rank?

The late Honeyvoice star of Hollywood’s Golden Age, Doris Day, will be remembered for many things. One of which he founded is the 44-room Cypress Inn in Carmel, California, which he calls one of the “most pet-friendly” hotels. Despite offering dog-sized showers, bar “yuppy hours,” and customized food bowls and beds, Cypress is sadly one of the world’s best pet vacations for 2022, according to insurance company Budget Direct. overlooked by city surveys.

In Australia, demand for pet-friendly hotels has increased due to the pandemic and declining international travel. credit:iStock

The study, which used TripAdvisor data and surveyed the 50 most populous cities, found that Paris and Milan ranked first for animal hospitality, with 594 and 359 pet-friendly hotels respectively (of which 33 and 17 are five stars). Rome is next, with a favorable lodging in his Fido of 1242, followed by Berlin, New York and Medellin, Colombia.


in Australia? Sydney is rated his 23rd and Melbourne hers 29th, raising questions about their reputation as pet-loving nations. Shouldn’t we be moggy generous with our five-star accommodations? Should the Rovers endure boarding kennels instead of hated restaurant fare?

Carla Francis, Author Traveling with pets on the east coast of Australia, surprised by the placement of Sydney and Melbourne on the list. “The demand for pet-friendly accommodations here is staggering,” she says. “It’s mostly due to the pandemic and people not traveling abroad as much.”

She said there are 29 and 17 pet-friendly four- and five-star hotels in Sydney and Melbourne, respectively, but B&Bs, resorts, caravan parks, campgrounds and vacation homes also allow pets. is increasing. “I think Australians prefer beach holidays and country holidays,” she says. “But in the last couple of years there has also been a surge in pet-friendly city hotels.”


Shandos Cleaver, writer and blogger at dog-friendly travel site Travelability, traveled to 35 countries with Schnitzel, a miniature dachshund. She says Australians who want to travel with their pets are increasingly left with no choice. “Hotel and lodging sites are constantly changing their pet travel policies.”

Frances, on the other hand, is impressed by Sydney’s pet-friendly hotels, especially the luxurious, Art Deco ones. Kimpton Margot, for any breed that walks through your door for free. But she believes Melbourne has the edge when it comes to restaurants, parks and activities for her furry friends: She offers river cruises and a chef that offers dog-friendly French crepes. A St Kilda pet named Misty lists her cafe.

Pet-friendly hotels: where does Australia rank?

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