Petacredorin grills Daniel Andrews in hotel quarantine inquiry phone records

Tony Abbott’s former Chief of Staff Peta Credorin ambushed Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews at a daily coronavirus press conference and angered him about why important phone records were not handed over to the hotel’s quarantine investigation. It was.

Liberal insider and Sky News host Credorin asked a series of detailed questions about phone records. She argued that it could reveal who decided to use private security in a deadlocked quarantine system.

In a statement to the investigation released today, Victorian Police Chief Graham Ashton mentioned the six-minute phone call he received, where he learned more about the private security program, but sent it. I couldn’t remember who the person was.

Credorin repeatedly asked the Prime Minister why he was not free to hand over the records to the inquiry, revealing who ultimately decided to hire a private guard.

Mr Credorin said the investigation did not force Andrews or the Prime Minister’s Office and Chief Cabinet Secretary Chris Eccles to hand over the records.

“To avoid doubt, did you, Chris Eccles, and, in fact, your Chief of Staff, prepare to provide your outgoing call during those six minutes?” Credorin asked.

“We’ve always been happy because our inquiries have asked for information from any Victorian state in Victoria. The answer must be yes,” Premier replied.

Credorin stepped in again and asked. “Can you provide it anyway, whether (inquiry) wants it? It’s at the heart of the question of who called Ashton.”

The prime minister replied: “I thought we were firmly and truly established, even if not from today’s press conference, but from many recent surveys, the surveys are independent, the survey method clarifies. It’s not a matter of opinion, it’s a matter of fact – and I ask questions about what they should be looking for, what they should be looking for, or what they should be finding. I’m not going to talk. “

He went on to say that “raising those issues” was within the authority of the investigation.

However, Credorin intervened, saying it was not within its power.

“Under the Victorian Investigation Act, you are not authorized to request phone records of you, your Chief of Staff or Mr. Eccles … but as an individual, your Chief of Staff and Mr. Eccles are willing to provide information now. , Can be completely cleaned up The last 6 minutes have been the subject of much debate and speculation, “said Credorin.

The premiere replied: “I understand your claim, but I’m missing an important element here. I submitted the evidence, Mr. Ashton submitted the evidence, there is no federal or state ban on those who are asked. In fact, they are obliged regardless of which government passed the law to fully answer. “

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