Picturesque Israeli kibbutz joins The Simpsons – Australian Jewish News

Kibbutz images were a surprise feature in recent episodes of popular US cartoon show simpsons.

Social media users noticed the visual towards the end of Episode 20 of Season 33 and were quick to point out that it bears a strong resemblance to popular images of the Kibbutz Nil David in the Beit Shean Valley in northern Israel.

The scene depicts the kibbutz and its surrounding areas, subtitled “Israel’s Kibbutz,” before switching to an exchange between Homer Simpson and a yarmulk-wearing Israeli peasant named Neholai when Israeli Channel 12 News reports: reported.

Some users said the kibbutz would include members seeking to protect the gated community in 2021 and residents of Beit She’an, who have long sought public access to the Hashi River that flows through it. suggested that it was because it attracted attention in a legal dispute between

The popular US animated show, The Simpsons, features images like Nil David from a kibbutz in northern Israel.Photo: Screenshot/20th Century Fox

Residents of the northern city of Beit Shean, with the support of social justice activists across the country, have fought for years to gain access to a turquoise creek that is actually a canal.

This stream once ran through Beit She’an, but was converted to agriculture and other uses in the 1980s and dried up.

A user searches Google for “Kibbutz in Israel” and discovers that one of the first images returned is an aerial view of the Kibbutz Nil David. simpsons.

The kibbutz scene has joined the list of Israeli references throughout its 33-year show. In episode 16 of season 22, Patriarch Homer takes his entire family on a pilgrimage to Israel, his tour of stereotypical Israel visiting major holy sites under the guidance of his guide.

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Picturesque Israeli kibbutz joins The Simpsons – Australian Jewish News

Source link Picturesque Israeli kibbutz joins The Simpsons – Australian Jewish News

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