Please comment on the state of the blockade

The blocked Victorian people are patiently waiting for the good news, as cases of coronavirus are stubborn and low double-digit deadlocked.

Twelve new COVID-19 cases were recorded again on Tuesday, averaging 10 for Metropolitan Melbourne over a 14-day period.

It’s far from the number that Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said Victorians need to resume under step 3 of the state’s pandemic roadmap.

However, Premier said some restrictions could be relaxed on October 19th, even though Melbourne has not reached the threshold of less than 5 new cases per day for 14 days. Was shown.

Under a question at a press conference on Tuesday, he told reporters that the current number might be “as good as it gets.”

I want to know how Victorian people feel about the current blockade. Please participate in the following survey.

Place of originPlease comment on the state of the blockade

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