Pledge to police from both parties in the northern Gold Coast

Of the additional 80 promised police officers, 40 will be based in Pimperma near the Pacific Pines.

LNP Gaven candidate Kirsten Jackson welcomed the pledge to increase police force.

“But it’s not just an increase in police, it’s also a stricter legal issue,” she said.

“LNP invests in growth and provides police with the resources and stricter legislation needed to crack down on crime.”

The Queensland Police Online Crime Map shows that Pacific Pines crimes have declined since January 2019, when there were 478 crimes a month.

In August 2020, there were 314 crimes, with theft, drug crimes, illegal entry, traffic, and related crimes being the most common.


Hooning at the Pacific Pines was a common issue mentioned by the inhabitants Brisbane Times this week.

Labor Party lawmaker Megan Skanron said the Labor Party’s announcement of police elections meant “an additional 150 frontline police officers in the Gold Coast region over the next five years.”

“Our anti-hooming law is the strictest in the country,” Scanlon said.

“But we are working to make them even more stringent by shifting the burden of proof to car owners and considering deploying higher-tech cameras.

“This means that if the owner claims he was not driving the vehicle at the time of the breach, it is their responsibility to prove it and to ensure that the person doing the wrong thing will be held liable. To do.”

Lindsay Prider, who lives in Pacific Pines, loves to live across from Pacific Pines Police Beat, where two cops work during the day.

Lindsay Prider lives opposite the Pacific Pines Police Beat. “It’s like a personal security service.”credit:Tony Moore

“For me, it’s literally the opposite of a personal security service,” Prider said.

He said it wasn’t a problem to target where he lived, but he knew that other Pacific Pines residents were not only very dissatisfied with property crimes and car thefts. Stated.

Instead of extending the Pacific Pines Policebeat time, Prider said police should set up a quick response team from the nearby Coomera police station to tackle horn and car theft.

“If anyone was on the roster here at night, I think for a long time they could just sit and wait for something to happen,” he said.

“It’s not always a good way to spend public money.”

Ryan said in a September 2019 announcement that 14 of the additional 20 police officers would be based in Coomera and the remaining 6 police officers would go to Nerang.

Tony Moore is a senior reporter for the Brisbane Times

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