PLL: Original Sin: Who Is Imogen’s Baby’s Father? Theory

HBO Max’s “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin” teeth Third reboot of Freeform’s hit Pretty Little Liars series“The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” and “riverdale,” So it’s no surprise that the latest adaptation leans toward a slasher-horror vibe, and we’re here for it. The Mystery of the Masked Threat “A” Lurking dangerously close to a new ensemble of liars, the story’s several ongoing mysteries also keep viewers’ attention.Surrounding mystery Imogen’s (Bailee Madison) pregnancyfor example.

In a recent chat with TV Insider, executive producer Lindsey Calhoun Bring considered the cloak-and-dagger nature of Imogen’s pregnancy. “You’ll find out who the father is. It’s important not only to Imogen, but to the female friendships on the show. It leads to a very strong bond between the young women – a strong support system.”

So who is the father of Imogen’s unborn baby? Ahead, you’ll find all the little puzzle pieces that will bring you closer to the identity of the father of Imogen’s baby.

What we know about Imogen’s baby’s father

After a month-long time jump after her mother’s death, Imogen returned to Millwood High, at which point she was six months pregnant. On her first day back home, when a classmate of hers asked more about her father, she said he was a lifeguard, but is not in her photo.

The scene then cuts to a flashback of Imogen sitting alone on the beach, with a liquor bottle by her side, and looking forward in deep thought. is wearing — the same outfit she wore Karen Beasleysan’s home party. You will remember that Imogen and Karen argued at a party over Karen’s boyfriend, Greg, and kissed Imogen, at which point Karen kicked her out. It seems that it was the night of her baby’s conception.

In the wake of their mother’s sudden death, the overwhelming responsibility of raising a child fell upon Imogen.

Does Imogen know the identity of the baby’s father?

So far, none of the characters seem to fit the bill, so it’s possible Imogen’s baby’s father hasn’t been introduced yet. The creator may have found one major clue in her that hinted at this possibility.

In the first episode, Imogen’s best friend, Tubby (Chandler Kinney), smuggles a camera she has set up in the boys’ locker room at school. She takes the footage back to her home and carefully navigates through the recordings. She takes notes as she peruses her content, as if trying to track down someone with a particular physical attribute.

It seems shady, but in Episode 5, we learn that “something” happened to Tubby one night at a party in the woods, leaving him traumatized. It is never revealed exactly what happened, but Greg and Tyler’s misogynistic and vulgar behavior often triggers Tubby to feel uncomfortable. It suggests that she may have been sexually assaulted by someone at night. Although she does not appear to know the person’s identity, she may have noticed an identifying attribute, such as a birthmark, that night. I have. She now uses it to identify attackers through surveillance of the boys’ locker room.

So how does this relate to the father of Imogen’s baby? Well, at the end of episode 5, when Tubby reveals to Imogen that something happened to her in the woods, The latter reveals that “something” happened to her as well. She seemed disheveled. Is it possible that her pregnancy was the result of a sexual assault, which would explain why her father is not involved in Imogen’s life? If so, and Imogen doesn’t know the attacker, is it possible that Tubby and Imogen were both sexually assaulted by the same person and the father of Imogen’s baby?

This also fits perfectly with what producer Calhoun Bring said about Imogen’s baby paternity identity, leading to the experience of bonding between two strong women, aka Imogen and Tubby.

Who is the father of Tyler Imogen’s baby?

Through the first five episodes, it becomes clear that Tyler is a sleazy piece of work. He was the one who angered Kelly and filmed her when she was drunk and vulnerable after learning that Greg had kissed Imogen at her party. I overhear him bragging about having sex with someone instead of having sex and “pulling out”, and he tries to coerce the mouse into drinking.

If Imogen knows her father’s identity, it seems unlikely that it’s Tyler, as she doesn’t seem terrified at all when interacting with him throughout the first five episodes. Considering Tyler’s brutal death at the hands of A at the end of Episode 5, the chances of him being the father diminish.

Who is the father of Greg Imogen’s baby?

Greg blatantly lies about moving Imogen at Karen’s party, putting Imogen in an impossible situation. Throughout his first five episodes, he is haughty and self-centered. He’s not as creepy as Tyler, but he’s nowhere near as good. He is seen in sexual jokes, like when he got naked after promising to wear a speedometer as part of his safe conditions while filming Tubby’s horror movie in Episode 5. It often crosses the line.

Like Tyler, Imogen shows no fear when interacting with Greg, so if she knew her father’s identity, it probably wasn’t him. may be the perpetrator.

But either way there is one major factor that suggests that Greg is not the father: Tubby saw him naked from head to toe when he stripped naked during filming. In fact, if she were looking for the attacker’s identifying marker in the boys’ locker room footage, she would have seen it on Greg at that moment. Less likely (if the father is also the person who may have attacked Tubby).

Who is the father of Chip Imogen’s baby?

OK, bear with me on this one. Tubby’s friend, filming partner, and theater colleague, Chip, seems like the nicest human being. He listens to Tubby and always tries to do the right thing by her side. It’s clear he has unrequited feelings for her, but he never crosses her line (unlike Tubby’s creepy boss, Wes). At least, as far as we know.

Chip has done nothing outwardly to suggest that he is anything but a great friend, but he is mostly that too Awesome. Tubby constantly goes to Chip and only allows her to go to the dance with him if he agrees to help her with her plans and help embarrass Karen in front of the whole school (weird) On the contrary, he agrees). Tubby has no obligation to like Chip as more than her friend, but given his unrequited love for her, his level of patience with her sometimes selfish antics is almost It looks like a caricature. The beat goes on too long after their interaction.

Chip seems willing to do anything to stay by Tubby’s side.So both chips actually Either you are the most patient and amazing human being ever, or there is something sinister hiding beneath the surface. Could he be the mysterious attacker who attacked Tubby and Imogen?

If so, we’ll find out soon enough. After Tubby fires Greg from a horror project, Chip offers to step into Greg’s role.

Future episodes will likely revisit more past events, potentially giving us clues as to who the father of Imogen’s baby is. “PLL: Original Sin” Hits HBO Max every Thursday.

PLL: Original Sin: Who Is Imogen’s Baby’s Father? Theory

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