Polar’s latest smartwatch sounds perfect for fitness lovers

Some are completely happy with closing the basic activity ring, while others are data geeks who love to go through a mountain of metrics to measure their progress. For those people, Polar’s latest flagship smartwatch, the Vantage V2.

As the name implies, the Vantage V2 is the successor to Polar’s high-end Vantage VGPS multisport watch. The big news about Vantage V2 is the addition of new performance testing elements. Runners and cyclists are now able to take tests to measure how their overall performance is progressing in terms of heart rate, speed, and “power zone.” (Polar defines this as the work that muscles do during training). We’ll also introduce a new leg recovery test to see how much your game is resting after intense training.

At the briefing, Polar explained that the running performance test should gradually increase the pace during the run and finally get the VO2 max, maximal aerobic rate, and aerobic power. The cycling performance test, on the other hand, is based on the functional threshold power test and requires another power meter. There are 20-minute, 30-minute, 40-minute, and 60-minute options to help you measure whether your training plan is effective over the long term. Finally, the leg recovery test does not require any additional equipment. Instead, you are supposed to put your hands on your hips and jump as high as possible three times. For some reason, the results you get should tell you if your feet have recovered enough for another tough workout. To organize all this test data, Polar is also adding free access to a new platform within the Polar Flow web portal called TestHub.

Well, it’s a very quantified approach to training. Just writing about it makes me feel a strong urge to take a nap.And again, this is is The polar region we are talking about. Vantage V2 also includes other advanced Polar training features such as Training Load Pro, Recovery Pro, FitSpark and Nightly Recharge. All of these help measure the strain on your body and adjust your program. Correspondingly. It also includes Polar’s FuelWise Assistant. This, as the name implies, helps endurance athletes determine when they need to refuel during long sessions. Vantage V2 also supports Polar’s Hill Splitter, which measures how well it works in the up and down sections of a trail run. Needless to say, this is the perfect smartwatch for hardcore athletes among us.

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Compared to its predecessor, Vantage V, V2 also adds some design improvements. It is a little lighter at 52 grams compared to 66g of V, and has added fashionable new colorways such as gray lime and dark green. Polar’s Precision Prime heart rate sensor technology has also been improved. This time, Polar says it changed the LED lights on the sensor to remove extra ambient light and “movement artifacts.” Otherwise, it retains almost the same sensors and internal organs, including the built-in GPS. Battery life is about the same for an estimated 40 hours of continuous GPS training, up to 100 hours in other modes.

Vantage V2 is also a bit better when it comes to more smartwatch-like features. In addition to weather and phone notifications, Polar now adds the ability to navigate playlists and control music from your wrist. That said, Polar said in a briefing that he couldn’t get a call while he was active. This is a deliberate omission to make sure there is nothing to distract during training.

Vantage V2 is also a premium price that matches its advanced indicators. The Polar Vantage V2 available today is a whopping $ 500 ($ 699). If you want to pair with the H10 chest strap, you can fork an additional $ 50 ($ 70) in the bundle. Polar revealed you won’t necessary H10, as mentioned above, Vantage V2 has its own optical heart rate sensor. This bundle is provided for athletes who want to wear both a smartwatch and a chest strap because they really need very accurate heart rate data. And if you’re wondering if these people exist, I assure you, a Polar spokesman told me they exist.

Congratulate all the data geek triathletes here and benefit them during the pandemic. Everything is inspiration.

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