Police deny Melissa Cadick was robbed of food and water during raid

Melissa Kadick was offered food and water and allowed to go to the bathroom during a raid on a luxurious mansion in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, contrary to missing fraudsters’ claims about her treatment at the hands of ASIC and AFP. Allowed.

The 49-year-old disappeared from her Dover Heights mansion on November 12, 2020. Just hours after that, her house was raided by the police and her ASIC.

Ms Caddick’s alleged death is being examined by an inquest before Deputy State Coroner Elizabeth Ryan, which was reopened at the New South Wales Coroner’s Court in Lydcombe on Monday.

Corporate watchdogs said Kadic ran a Ponzi scheme that diverted $20 million to $30 million worth of investor money into a luxury lifestyle, including vacations, designer jewelry, watches, clothing and shoes. They are accusing us of providing funding.

She has been accused of using her company, Maliver, to pose as a financial advisor and use fake CommSec portfolios to pretend to invest millions of dollars in clients.

Three months after Caddick went missing, a leg was found washed up on a beach near Tathra, more than 400 kilometers south of Sydney.

AFP Constable Amelia Griffen was the search warrant enforcer when Caddick’s home was raided on the morning of November 11, 2020.

Police knocked on her door shortly after 6 a.m. and remained there for 12 hours, during which time they provided her with a 92-page affidavit detailing the allegations against her.

The inquest had previously said that Ms Cadick had taken a nap during the raid.

Constable Griffen said Ms. Caddick looked embarrassed and shocked, but she showed no signs of distress.

The court is said to have held ASIC responsible for her daughter’s death, claiming that Caddick’s mother was not offered food or drink during the raid.

Koletti, a hairdresser and part-time DJ, had made similar charges through his music, Paws Offs, an attorney assisting Louise Coleman previously told the court.

In a video shot on police body-worn footage the day after Ms. Cadick went missing, Ms. Coletti told officers that she looked “very normal” the night before she went missing. said.

Koletti’s attorney Judy Swan asked Constable Griffen on Monday whether Caddick was offered food or drink during the 12 hours AFP and ASIC were at her home.

Constable Griffen told the court that he remembered Mr. Cadick had a protein shake in the morning.

“I remember asking her if she wanted to eat or drink,” Constable-Griffen said, adding he could not recall seeing her eating anything else. .

According to Constable Griffen, Ms. Cadick and Ms. Coletti were told they were free to roam the grounds, including going to the bathroom, as long as officers were with them at all times.

Hearing continues.

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Police deny Melissa Cadick was robbed of food and water during raid

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