Police hunt a daylight hitman who stabbed a quiet man with a “golden heart”

“I couldn’t hear anything because my son was playing a video game in his bedroom, but Jeff was alive until the ambulance came here,” she said.

“Jeff was at the bottom of the stairs … he rang 000.

Joshua Hocking is being sought by police in connection with a fatal police

“I think he was alive because he didn’t want it [my son] Only here. He held up until I got home. “

She said McDonald’s was a quiet person with a “golden heart.”

“He was very kind to my boys. There is nothing he does for them,” she said.

“I thought we would grow old together.”

On Thursday, murder detectives launched a public plea for information to help find Joshua Hooking, a 35-year-old Connower man who has been cross-examined for death.

The detective has released an image of Mr. Hocking in the hope that someone can recognize him and provide information about his current whereabouts.

A spokesman said police believed Hocking had left McDonald’s house in a purple Ford sedan. The vehicle was discovered, but Mr. Hocking is still in large numbers.


Police say the men knew each other.

On October 6, a popular local butcher was shot dead in a family home, also on the outskirts of Whittington, and it was the second killing that rocked Geelong.

David Arslanian, 31, was an award-winning butcher and was lovingly known as the king of sausages.

His 39-year-old brother Haig Arslanian was arrested the next day and charged with murder.

Death is not considered to be related.

Anyone who sees Mr. Hocking will be asked to stay away from him and contact Triple Zero immediately.

For additional information, we recommend contacting Crime Stoppers at 1800 333 000 or submitting a confidential crime report at

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Erin covers The Age crimes. Most recently, she was a police reporter for Geelong Advertiser.

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