Police raid $280 million cargo ship with cocaine

Authorities are hunting a crime syndicate after they seized 700 kilograms of cocaine worth $280 million from a cargo ship in Sydney’s Port Botany.

Police are asking the public for help in arresting the crime syndicate behind the importation of an estimated $280 million worth of 700 kilograms of cocaine by cargo ship.

On July 22, Australian Border Patrol officers found drugs while inspecting a ship’s container. Maersk Inverness At Port Botany, Sydney.

Federal police seized 28 denim bags each containing about 25 kilograms of bricks of cocaine, AFP and ABF said in statements on Saturday.

A forensic examination confirmed various emblems on the bricks, including the numbers 5 and 365 and the letters Netflix, officials said.

AFP investigator Luke Wilson said the ship was allowed to continue its journey and made stops at ports in Central and South America before heading to Australia.

Insp Wilson said drug interception would deal a heavy blow to well-funded crime syndicates.

“We are still investigating where the drugs were loaded and who in Australia planned to collect them,” he said.

“AFP estimates that the seizure saved the community more than $451 million in drug-related damages.”

ABF Detained Goods NSW Superintendent Joan Yates said the seizure demonstrated the technical expertise of the officers who detected the cocaine.

She said authorities have disrupted the supply of criminal networks and “stopped this massive shipment of cocaine from entering our community.”

Police raid $280 million cargo ship with cocaine

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