Police Secretary opposes commutation of officers

QPS confirmed on September 28 that it would appeal the commutation.


According to court documents, Ms. Carroll wants to revoke Punchard’s appeal and commutation.

A police attorney submitted on behalf of Mr. Carroll said, “My application is based on a scholarly judge who made a mistake in first revoking the judgment. These judgments are sound at the discretion of the judgment. It was within the scope of the exercise. “

“The learned judge made a mistake in binding the sentencing discretion by the consequences of past cases.

“The order is necessary to set aside the judgment, which was within the sound exercise of the judgment’s discretion, and to correct the substantive injustice of the learned judge against the applicant.

“It was a mistake in the law requiring the intervention of an appeal.

“The Court of Appeals has not previously considered a judgment under Section 408E of the Penal Code 1899, especially with respect to police officers, and this case may set a precedent for such cases.

“The district court’s ruling does not reflect general deterrence considerations and tends to undermine public confidence in the Queensland Police Service.”

Punchard used a police computer nine times a year to access restricted information about women. He was previously disciplined and evacuated from official police duties late last year after dropping his salary.


The victim was forced to hide after Punchard sent a text message to her ex-husband, an officer’s childhood friend, with her address.

A victim of domestic violence, who spoke outside the courtroom after the decision to appeal last month, said she was “really disappointed” and called on Ms. Carroll to remove Punchard from the service. , Women and children. “

Ms. Carroll was asked at an unrelated press conference whether she would dismiss the police officer a few days after the appeal was successful. She replied that she was seeking advice on what she could do “under our law.”

In 2019, courts discovered that Queensland Police could have done more to prevent Punchard from leaking women’s details.

-With Matt Denien

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Place of originPolice Secretary opposes commutation of officers

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