Positive test results for Alzheimer’s drug Xanamem

Actinogen Medical has announced positive results for its leading drug Xanamem, reporting that it has shown improved attention and working memory.

The low-dose Xanamem trial was performed in a population of 107 healthy, cognitively normal older adults aged 50-80 years, with a mean age of 64 years and a sex ratio of one man to two women. Trial participants were randomized to receive 10 or 5 mg doses of Xanamem as a corresponding placebo for a six-week treatment period.

In a release to the ASX, Actinogen’s CEO Dr Steven Gourlay said, “We are excited to see the positive clinical data for these lower Xanamem dose levels. Xanamem has the potential to be a new daily oral therapy for Alzheimer’s disease and other conditions that can be safely used only when in combination with other therapies.Our future clinical trials will evaluate whether Xanamem can make a significant improvement in the lives of patients and their families living with serious neurological conditions.

It is the second trial conducted by Actinogen that has shown positive results for the potential treatment of Alzheimer’s by Actinogen’s lead drug Xanamem, which moves the Aussie biotech one step closer to a groundbreaking treatment of a condition that affects millions worldwide affects.

Actinogen will now review detailed results of the Xanamem trial with academic and industry experts as it finalizes the design of its next Alzheimer’s disease test. Detailed results will be published at a future scientific conference and in a peer-reviewed journal.

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Positive test results for Alzheimer’s drug Xanamem

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