power of humility

There is a widespread belief that if you want to be successful in life, you have to take your stuff.

But none of it is far from the truth, says Dr. Darryl Van Tongeren, who says there is incredible power in being humble.

“Scientific studies show that people are more likely to want to befriend, work with, or have a romantic relationship with someone who is humble,” says Dr. Darryl Van

An associate professor of psychology at Hope College in Michigan, she became interested in humility while researching character strengths and virtues that improve relationships in college.

He found that humility is “an understudied, underappreciated, but very valuable feature of human life”. There are a lot of “cultural myths” around the idea that you should.

He understands that some people are wary of accepting humility. “They think, ‘I’m being exploited, or being taken advantage of by others, it shows that I’m weak.'”

But humility has many benefits, says Van Tongeren. humbleFirst, improve your relationships. “Scientific studies show that people are more likely to want to be friends, work with, and be romantically involved with people who are humble,” he says.

That humility also means that those bonds are more likely to thrive. “When you associate with someone who is humble, you are more likely to forgive them and are more committed,” says Van Tongeren. say.

It can also improve your work performance. “More humble leaders can ask more from their teams. They feel more empowered, more creative, and have higher levels of productivity and satisfaction overall.”

Connections in the wider community can also have ripple effects. According to Van Tongeren, approaching others with curiosity and a willingness to listen can bridge common gaps, such as differences in religious or political beliefs.

power of humility

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