Premier Daniel Andrews of Victoria faces a motion of no confidence as the case of COVID-19 remains double-digit.

Victorian Labor lawmakers are being urged to cross the floor when the opposition voted no confidence in Prime Minister Daniel Andrews.

When the state legislature resumes on Tuesday, the Liberal Party and the Kuomintang will continue to attack and move a motion of no confidence against Andrews on dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

This move happened as the number of COVID-19s in Victoria continued on a stubborn plateau and 12 new cases were announced on Tuesday.

Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews (left) will arrive at a press conference in Melbourne on Tuesday, October 13.


“Today’s Labor lawmakers have to make very simple decisions, very simple choices,” said opposition leader Michael O’Brien.

“Are they going to vote to protect the work of Daniel Andrews, or are they going to vote to protect the work of the Victorian era?

“You can’t do both.”

Environment Minister Lily D’Ambrosio said it was “absolutely wrong” for Labor lawmakers to criticize Mr Andrews.

“Without premier leadership, we wouldn’t have seen this second wave of coronavirus hit the very low points we’re currently hitting,” she said.

“His leadership is strong and has seen us throughout the terrible times.”

Greens leader Samantha Latram denounced the opposition to “Trump-style politics” and named the move a stunt.

Greens lawmaker Ellen Sandel also said he would not support the opposition.

“Sure, the government made a lot of mistakes during the pandemic,” Sandel said.

“But the Victorian people now want us to work together to overcome this pandemic and confront the other side, and we can ask all these questions.”

Crossbencher MP Fiona Patten, who does not vote for the motion because she is in the House of Councilors, was also critical.

“To get over this, we need to instill trust, and not only are we depleted by conspiracy theorists, but we also see motions of no confidence that couldn’t stand up,” Patten said.

Victoria’s senior bureaucrat, Chris Eccles, said on Monday after a phone call revealed that he had spoken to the police chief as the state’s hotel quarantine program was set up in a hurry on March 27. I resigned. He used to say he didn’t.

Eckles is the second major civil servant to resign following an independent investigation into a failed program, and former health minister Jenny Mikakos resigned last month.

A flaw in the hotel’s quarantine system is believed to be responsible for the second wave of COVID-19 in the state.

“Frankly, this is the government that presided over the worst administrative failure in the country’s history,” O’Brien said.

Opposition parties have only one chance to vote no confidence in the prime minister of each parliament.

The case number is still 2 digits

On Tuesday, double numbers recorded the sixth consecutive day of incidents, as Melbourne residents were worried about confirming which restrictions would be relaxed.

The latest update also killed one person, with 811 state casualties and 899 national casualties.

Melbourne’s 14-day rolling case average has returned to 10, and the city’s mystery cases have increased from 2 to 13.

The regional figures are stable at 0.4 and none.

Andrews acknowledged that the roadmap from the blockade of Victoria is likely to be redrawn, and that the daily COVID-19 numbers for teens could ease the limit.

The city needed an average of five incidents a day and five or less mysterious incidents to move from restrictions to the “third stage” of the state government’s roadmap next Monday.

Although these goals are currently unattainable, the Prime Minister said some restrictions (mainly social rather than economic) will still be relaxed.

At some point, Andrews acknowledged that Victorian authorities “call it” and may have to revise the goal of an average of five cases per day.

Australians must be at least 1.5 meters away from others. Check the jurisdiction limits for collecting limits.

If you have a cold or flu symptoms, stay home and call your doctor to arrange a test or contact the Coronavirus Health Information Hotline (1800 020 080). News and information is available in 63 languages ​​at

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Premier Daniel Andrews of Victoria faces a motion of no confidence as the case of COVID-19 remains double-digit.

Source link Premier Daniel Andrews of Victoria faces a motion of no confidence as the case of COVID-19 remains double-digit.

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