Premier may not survive IACC hearing

According to commentators, Gladys Berejikrian is unlikely to survive after she reveals that she has a close personal relationship with former Wagga Wagga Liberal Party member Darryl Magwire.

Bomb entry came out this morning as part of the evidence given to the Independent Anti-Corruption Commission.

Her relationship was “never, never” as the commission investigated Mr. Magwire’s behavior after the investigation heard evidence that the broker asked for payment to support the deal with the real estate developer. He claimed that there was no conflict of interest.

However, media commentators say this can be a fatal blow to the NSW premiere.

Radio host Ray Hadley simply said, “She can’t survive this.”

Greens lawmaker David Schubridge tweeted that Mr. Beregikrian couldn’t survive.

“Given the bombs on the IACC regarding the relationship with Liberal lawmaker Darryl Magwire, I’m not sure if the prime minister will survive a day in Congress this week,” he said.

“There is a good chance that Gladys Berejikrian will have to resign,” said Andrew Clenell, political editor at Sky News.

Other commentators say that it feels bad to have this exposure of Mr. Beregikrian’s personal life.

Last week, IACC heard evidence that Mr. Magwire provided Mr. Beregikrian’s email as a contact to assist the landholder’s lobby with a rezoning change.

He was alleged to have proposed that the premiere could provide “a ticking form on top”.

The New South Wales Premier answered questions about Mr. Magwire’s financial position, “I didn’t care” and “I had never relied on anyone else in my life.”

“If you suggest that I care about his financial position, I reject it altogether. I didn’t care. It was his job, it has nothing to do with me. There wasn’t any, “she said.

“I have never relied on anyone else in my life, and I didn’t start with it.”

After that, Ms. Beregikrian was asked, “Did you care about it?”

“Number. I don’t accept that I care about his financial position. That was what he was worried about.

And I wasn’t worried about it, “she said.

But she admitted that Mr. Magwire was “obsessed” with his financial position and that they had discussed it in connection with his withdrawal from politics.

“Of course he was crazy about it. Yeah,” she said.

In retrospect, Mr. Beregikrian said he did not believe that Mr. Magwire was completely true of his financial position.

“Looking back, frankly, I don’t know if he was true about it. I don’t know if it was true,” she said.

“He raised it with me … I can’t be sure that what he said to me was true, but I didn’t care about his financial position. That was his job. “

Mr. Beregikrian has not been accused of misconduct in the investigation, but Mr. Magwire’s activities are being investigated.

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