President Ebrahim Raishi warns against riots, deaths reported

Iran’s information ministry also tried to dampen the momentum of the demonstrations, saying that participation in the protests was illegal and anyone who took part would be prosecuted, the Iranian news website reported.

Raisi said the widespread coverage of Amini’s case was the result of a “double standard”.

“We see men and women dying in police encounters every day in various countries, including the United States, but they are insensitive to the causes and how this violence is being handled,” he said. .

Pro-government protests are scheduled for Friday, with some marchers already taking to the streets, Iranian media said.

Attorney General Gollumhossein Mohseni Ejay has ordered swift action in the case of the rioters to “maintain the safety and peace of the public,” Tasnim News reported.

The United States on Thursday imposed sanctions on Iran’s morality police, accusing them of abuse and violence against Iranian women and violating the rights of peaceful Iranian protesters, the U.S. Treasury Department said.

Protesters gather in Tehran, Iran, to protest the death of Mahsa

Most of the protests were concentrated in Kurdish northwestern Iran, but spread to the capital and at least 50 cities and towns, where police used force to disperse protesters. Amini was from Kurdistan.

Internet watchdog group Netblox wrote on Twitter that new mobile internet disruptions had been recorded in the country, which could be a sign authorities fear the protests could escalate.

A member of Iran’s pro-government militia, the Basij, was stabbed to death in the northeastern city of Mashhad on Wednesday, two Iranian semi-official news agencies reported Thursday.

There was no official confirmation of death.

Tasnim also said another member of the Basij was killed Wednesday from a gunshot wound inflicted by “rioters and gangsters” in Qazbin city.

Noor News, a news outlet affiliated with top security agencies, shared a video of an army officer who confirmed the death of a soldier in the riots, bringing the total number of security personnel killed in reported riots to five. became.

In the northeast, protesters shouted “We will die, we will die, but we will take back Iran” near a police station that was set on fire, a video posted to the Twitter account 1500tasvir showed. The account focuses on protests in Iran and has nearly 100,000 followers.

Reuters was unable to verify the footage.

individual freedom

Amini’s death has rekindled anger over issues such as restrictions on individual freedoms in Iran, including strict dress codes for women, and the upheaval of economic sanctions.

Iran’s clerical rulers fear a return to the 2019 protests that erupted over the bloodiest gasoline price hike in the Islamic Republic’s history.

Protesters this week also expressed their anger at Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He mentioned Khamenei’s son, who is believed to have the potential to succeed his father at the top.

Reuters was unable to verify the video.

The Kurdish rights group Hengaw, which Reuters could not confirm, reported that the death toll in Kurdish areas rose to 15 and the number of injured to 733. by armed opposition.


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President Ebrahim Raishi warns against riots, deaths reported

Source link President Ebrahim Raishi warns against riots, deaths reported

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