Prices of pub favorites are about to skyrocket

Prices for chicken schnitzel are likely to be higher as Australia’s largest poultry producer Ingham warns of price increases later this year.

The company said it would be forced to raise prices everywhere from supermarkets and butcher shops to restaurants and fast food chains.

Soaring feed, fuel and labor costs caused by war in Ukraine COVID-19 (new coronavirus infectious disease) It has become a snowball. And the ripple effect means consumers have to bear the costs.
Chicken schnitzel prices are likely to go higher after the nation’s largest poultry producer warns of price increases. (Dominic Lorimer)
Ben Johnson at the Lord Gladstone Hotel sydney He said the business wants to take a hit for its customers, but needs to “somehow keep the door open.”

“No matter how much they raise their prices, they will always find a way to keep the schnitti and parmi,” he said.

Chicken is still the most affordable high-quality protein, with pork about twice as expensive and lamb three times as expensive.

The price hike is the latest in a series of food price hikes that have hit Australian homes.

Shoppers are feeling the pinch amid skyrocketing prices for fruits, vegetables and eggs.

Prices have skyrocketed in recent months as flooding and supply chain disruptions have led to shortages of products such as iceberg lettuce.

Meanwhile, Australia is facing the biggest beer tax hike in decades, and the price of a glass of beer in a pub could soon hit $15.

Prices of pub favorites are about to skyrocket

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