Protesters Demand Abolition of Monarchy


The Australian flag was chopped up during one of a series of anti-monarchy rallies across the country.

Protesters cut down flags and chanted “Abolish the monarchy” in Melbourne’s Biraran Maa.

Federal Green Party Senator Lydia Thorpe led hundreds of protesters against colonization on the Queen’s National Day of the Morning.

“The crown boots are hanging around our necks and it’s disgusting,” Thorpe said at the rally.

The group plans to march to the state legislature.

Their action is one of several protests in Australia on Thursday.

In Adelaide, a man was evicted from the Governor’s Palace after he was heard chanting anti-monarchist slogans.

Police asked a 31-year-old man from Mile End to leave the area, but he refused.

He was escorted from the facility and issued a trespassing notice not to re-enter the area for 24 hours.

In Brisbane, a small but enthusiastic group of protesters demanded an end to what they called centuries of British ‘tyranny’.

“We don’t need numbers, we just need passion,” one protester called out.

The activist group Aboriginal Resistance (WAR) and the activist group Fighting for the Treaty in Solidarity are among the groups organizing the demonstration.

“This is our stance on the crimes that continue to be committed against marginalized First Nations, Black, Brown and Asian communities. We demand justice, truth and accountability from all. Justice for all,” WAR wrote on Facebook.

“This is a demonstration against racist colonial imperialism.”

Another rally is underway in Sydney.


Protesters Demand Abolition of Monarchy

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