Protesters prosecuted and 11 fined at a banned transgender rights rally in Sydney

On Saturday, police issued a penalty breach notice for one woman being charged after protesting the assault on police and 11 others for violating the COVID-19 public health order, and one forward instruction. Said it was done.


A police spokesperson said, “Large groups have gathered in Taylor Square and have been warned of violating the NSW Public Health Order banning field gatherings of more than 20 people.”

“After the speech, the groups began to split, each going down Oxford Street, the majority going to Hyde Park, and then disbanding.”

A 19-year-old woman was arrested during a protest and taken to the King’s Cross police station. There she was charged with performing duties, assaulting police, and resisting or interfering with police officers for failing to follow the notified instructions under Section 7/8. / 9 – COVID-19. She will appear in court in November.

Over $ 5,000 has already been raised to fight a $ 1,000 fine in court.

Holcomb (28 years old) Herald She was one of the fined people, who was generally likened to the police who had a tantrum after a positive and successful event.

“They were targeting people with megaphones,” Holcomb said. “They had already taken a few people out of the crowd at that point, and then we told the crowd,” Probably it’s time to break up … it’s time to move from here. ” It was.

The NSW Supreme Court has banned protests on the grounds of COVID-19 Homer

“I felt the arms around me and realized that it was my turn to be arrested and fined.”

Ms. Holcomb said protesters from her event and other events, including the Black Lives Matter rally, will challenge a fine of about $ 40,000 with the help of free legal assistance. It was.

She said the organizers of the rally on Saturday had taken “many precautions”, including the distribution of 300 rainbow masks, hand sanitizers and contact tracing foam. She described the police response as “out of control,” and said police officers also misunderstood her using the man’s name.

“”[The police] Overall I really lost a day. “

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Place of originProtesters prosecuted and 11 fined at a banned transgender rights rally in Sydney

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