Pyrmont deer sightings near the broken lane of the Anzac Bridge

Early in the morning, the deer was reported by a caller to the Luke Grant show at 2GB. He said he saw animals around Harris Street.

The traffic control center said it was urging drivers to pay attention, although the lanes were not closed.

A spokeswoman said the crew knew that the deer were moving in the Harris Street and Allen Street areas.

“I was finally seen jumping over the fence and haven’t seen it ever since,” they said.

Police urged the general public to watch out for deer and advised them to call them triple zero if they saw the animals and did not approach them themselves.


They also advised locals who might be walking in the area to keep their dogs on a leash.

It was after two deer were found in Sydney’s Inner West last month.

Deer have been found running by several civilians running in Rykart, Annandale and Balmain.

One of the deer suffering in the backyard of the Rykart unit complex was euthanized by RSPCA after being considered unhealthy. However, the other deer remained loose.

Place of originPyrmont deer sightings near the broken lane of the Anzac Bridge

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