Q&A: Revolutionizing Dental Care for Everyone

This week, we speak to Dr Joseph Badr, a dentist who has made it his mission to advocate for dental health at a time when oral health is on the decline among Australians. He started with establishing an innovative dental practice with his d-spa, followed by another innovative idea with a subscription-based dental kit called Dsmile. Through these innovations, Dr. Badr wants to make everyday dental care easier to understand and a pleasure to use.

ISB: What inspired you to embark on this journey to transform oral health?

JB: After realizing the gaps in oral health, that people hate coming to the dentist, and that most patients don’t always follow the dentist’s instructions, I’m committed to transforming oral health. I had an idea to easily change my oral health routine and journey. I believe we can stop what is becoming an impossible problem.

ISB: Your first step was to set up your own dental practice, d-spa. What has become “innovative” among other dental practices?

JB: Twenty years ago, I founded d-spa as the world’s first holistic dental spa. It is a unique combination of preventative, soothing health spa comforts with cutting-edge technology and the clinical expertise of dentists in surgery. But what makes d-spa truly “innovative” is our partnership with his Dsmile Care Foundation, which provides pro bono dental care to people experiencing financial and life difficulties. is to provide Many of our team volunteer with the Dsmile Care pro bono care and telephone service helpline. The future is bright. We are working to turn our vision of giving back into action.

ISB: Why take the next step in your oral health advocacy journey with Dsmile’s subscription-based dental kit?

JB: A subscription-based dental kit was needed to provide convenience, improve oral health, and establish positive oral health habits. Our kit lasts just 3 months and automatically delivers refills straight to your door. Our products are professionally made in Australia and offer convenience at an affordable price.

ISB: Aside from challenges related to oral health, what was the most difficult challenge you faced as an entrepreneur and how did you deal with it?

JB: Manufacturing, e-commerce, retail, and sales were challenges that I had to learn a lot from, as I had never done it before. Also, by hiring a sustainability consultant at the start of the project, we had to learn a lot about product sourcing, recycling systems and materials. Seeking sustainable and Australian made products, manufacturing as many items in Australia as possible was the most difficult part. We have had to persevere to convince manufacturers to commit to our vision and produce products locally. I believe that the results of these efforts have led to the numerous awards Dsmile has received since its launch. To overcome these challenges, having the right team with the right skill sets who share a vision is critical.

ISB: How do you see d-spa and Dsmile evolving in the next few years?

JB: I think d-spa and Dsmile are developing into a market that works with clinics to improve oral health and improve compliance with at-home dental care. Additionally, we work with industry leaders to provide cradle-to-cradle dental products while doing our best to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint and reliance on disposable items. In the long term, we hope to make a lasting impact on oral hygiene routines around the world.

ISB: What are the most valuable insights you’ve gained from this journey that other entrepreneurs can learn from?

JB: The most valuable insight I’ve learned from this journey for other entrepreneurs is that we need to be transparent at every level of our service offerings and find solutions to problems that benefit everyone. There is.

Q&A: Revolutionizing Dental Care for Everyone

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