Qantas reinstates vegetarian option on short-haul flights after backlash

Qantas has reinstated vegetarian meals for economy class passengers on all domestic flights after its decision to remove the short-haul option sparked a fierce public backlash.

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Qantas reduced its in-flight meal offerings to a single snack option for economy class passengers under three and a half hours. It’s often a chicken and leek pie, or a vegetarian quiche or corn fritters. A single option meant some vegetarian passengers missed meals during the flight.

The airline said its decision to cut back on offerings was due to “high levels of waste”, but said on Friday it would restore vegetarian options and fresh fruit on all flights.

Domestic travelers check in for a Qantas flight from Sydney Airport on Thursday’s National Day of Morning. credit:Louis Davis

“Qantas will monitor the use of these options and make further adjustments to ensure they reflect customer preferences,” the airline said in a statement.

All international, domestic business and domestic economy cabin passengers on flights over 2.5 hours will be offered a “variety of dining options,” the airline continued.

Qantas also said it introduced plant-based options on “nearly all” international flights last year and committed to phasing out single-use plastics, which are often used in food packaging, on board aircraft and in lounges.

Phil Capps, the airline’s executive product manager, said airlines have been forced to “change” their services during COVID-19 and are “in the process” of revamping their menus.

“We are in the midst of updating the extensive menu of our national network, which will be rolled out from October, including new vegetarian options. includes listening to customer feedback as we continue to invest in our products and services,” said Capps.

Regional Express provides complimentary savory or sweet snacks and beverages to all passengers on Rex flights. Virgin Australia does not offer complimentary snacks or meal options in economy seats on domestic flights.

Qantas reinstates vegetarian option on short-haul flights after backlash

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