Qld police deputy chief resigns after calling colleagues ‘vaginal whispers’ in leadership speech

Queensland Police Deputy Commissioner Paul Taylor has announced his immediate resignation from the police after an investigation into domestic violence and police culture revealed he made inappropriate comments during a speech at a police leadership conference. did.

In a speech to 100 staff members in April this year, the deputy chief called his friend a “vaginal whisperer.”

“I deeply apologize” for the damage my words have caused, Taylor said, adding, “I didn’t mean to offend anyone.”

“I immediately reflected on the incident and the commissioner immediately addressed the matter with me,” he said in a statement.

The deputy commissioner said he has devoted his “heart and soul” throughout his 45-year career in the police force.

“I’m devastated about the impact this has had on the reputation of the service because it doesn’t reflect my values ​​or the values ​​of the organization.”

camera iconDeputy Commissioner Paul Taylor (left) and Chief Superintendent Ray Lowwedder were identified as the two officers who made the inappropriate comments.News Corp Australia credit: News Corp Australia

Despite the findings of the investigation, Deputy Commissioner Taylor said it had “evolved and embraced modern values” and “the public should be convinced that this is a great organization.”

“Service has undergone an incredible transformation in the last two to three years, strengthening our culture, processes and the way we deliver our services.

Police Commissioner Catalina Carroll told the inquiry that comments were not accepted, but Taylor made the comments because a friend was a gynecologist and an obstetrician.

“I don’t know how it was mentioned in the speech,” Carroll said.

“But the person is a friend of the Vice President, and myself and I believe that’s what the circles in which he operates call him.”

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camera iconPolice Commissioner Catalina Carroll called the police chief’s comments “extremely disrespectful and misogynistic”.Liam Kidson credit: News Corp Australia

The deputy commissioner was one of two senior officers accused of making inappropriate comments about women on two occasions, an investigation revealed.

In a second incident, at a police conference in March, after the host joked that the cuts to his face were the result of a “rough publicity process,” an audience member, Superintendent Ray Lawwedder, said, “She stopped you. did you?” I cried. ?”

Ms Carroll confirmed Thursday that the superintendent was promoted to superintendent after four months.

Commissioner Carroll did not attend the meeting, but condemned the actions while presenting evidence to the investigation.

“It’s extremely disrespectful and misogynistic,” she told the investigation.

“It happened twice this year, and I can safely say that I was shaken and appalled given the reform work we are doing.”

The investigation also revealed that 79 Queensland police officers were under investigation over social media posts mocking victims of domestic violence.

Qld police deputy chief resigns after calling colleagues ‘vaginal whispers’ in leadership speech

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