Queen disrespects Meghan Markle and doesn’t want her birthday publicly

Royals are usually completely predictable. They do the same things, eat the same things, and appear in the same places like Swiss precision clockwork.

Summer in Scotland lasts for weeks, and the Queen has a custom of setting up shop at Sandringham House from December to February 6 (Christmas decorations continue until then), and the Queen reportedly spends 365 days a year. Wake up at the same time each day. (At 7:30 am, her maid brings Earl Gray tea.)

Likewise, the royal birthday. If it’s a big one and her one of her children is involved, an admiralty or an extra earldom could be offered. All the other examples are emojis (which always look a little unnatural) and peppy social media posts with £10 WH Smith vouchers. (Ok, the last one I’m just guessing.)

But last week, to little fanfare and little press, the 96-year-old Queen broke with a longstanding tradition. 41st birthday her stepdaughter’s Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle.

Your Majesty… did nothing.

Even in the perilous post-Megxit years of 2020 and 2021, we’ve seen @royalfamily accounts share posts marking the birthdays of Meghan, the couple’s son Archie, and daughter Lilibet.

So far, the most remarkable thing about this seemingly routine practice is that the poor Buckingham Palace correspondent who was entrusted with this task had only one photograph of baby Archie and his son. did. queen We work together to expand each year.

But hey, Nelly. Something has clearly changed here, as the Queen essentially blanks Meghan on her birthday. (Or, in Mariah Carey’s immortal words, “I don’t know her.”)

This is the first time the palace has ignored the former since Meghan officially joined the royal family in 2018. suit It is a departure from the polite celebratory offerings of the past.

What makes the situation puzzling is that recently there have been certain indications that the Queen’s strategy was appeasement when it came to her troublesome grandson and his wife, and that Her Majesty was going out of her way to minimize tensions. be.

when prince harryMeghan, Archie and Lili flew to the UK for the Jubilee. Suna woman in her 90s arranged for three protection officers to gather the family and take them in a bulletproof vehicle to their English home, Frogmore Cottage.

In late June, it emerged that details of an investigation conducted by an outside law firm into allegations that Meghan had bullied a royal employee would be “buried.” (The Duchess has always vehemently denied the bullying allegations.)

Part of the reason for the surprising decision was “to limit tensions between Sussex and the Palace”. Times report.

Then in July Sun reported Her Majesty has invited her family to join her in her annual holiday spell(Though, with Princess Michael of Kent joining OnlyFans, the chances of them picking her up should definitely increase.)

Until Meghan’s birthday last week, there was no indication that every big day of the year would be different.

Just appearing on TV screens around the world and casting accusations of racism, brutality and the disastrous misery of life in the palace would have softened Meghan’s receiving birthday posts last year. If it wasn’t enough, what changed? What to give?

The answer may have something to do with Harry’s memoir, which is rumored to hit shelves in October.

In late July Sun reported that the manuscript was finished and lawyers at publisher Penguin Random House had dot the “i” and crossed out the most defamatory claims about corgis (just kidding).

of Telegraph It subsequently reported that “the royal family or their lawyers have yet to see the finished manuscript” but may soon learn about some of what the 37-year-old wrote. – including the royal family – are usually entitled to respond to accusations before they are made public. “

The Sovereign herself will be of no use other than to shower praise after compliment, but her son Prince Charles, daughter-in-law and Queen-In-Law Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, And grandson Prince William may not be so lucky.

Since the beginning of the year, there have been near-continuous reports claiming that Harry may target his stepmother.

The heir to the throne seems to have a twist on knickers already starched and ironed.

“Prince Charles’ operatives scrambled for months to find out what other bombs were waiting, but to no avail,” said Christopher Andersen, author of The Royal Family. Daily Beast“No one expected Harry’s book to be a valentine for relatives. But in the wake of Jubilee, we realize the gloves are really off.”

Oprah’s Blitzkrieg of the Sussexes caused significant damage to Buckingham Palace, but the prospect remains that it was largely able to withstand the attack. Hundreds of pages of revelations and detailed, lengthy disclosures about royal life and palace operations can be a whole other kettle.

After all, this is the first sensational tell-all written by someone born into the royal family since the exiled Duke of Windsor (Edward VIII) announced his all. royal life, despite fifteen years after his abdication. (Yes, I know the Duke of Kent published his memoir earlier this year. royal lifebut I don’t know if anyone other than the Duchess of Kent actually read it.)

as Duncan Larcombe the sun’s Say it when you talk to the former royal editor Daily Beast: “The reality is, as a senior member of the royal family, if you write a tell-all book, you’re violating royal rule number one.”

Richard Palmer, Royal Correspondent express, put forward an alternative theory, stating that the lack of warm wishes for Duchess Meghan was due to a change in palace policy, with the royal family stating, I will mark it only when I pick it up.” zero. A test of this will take place on Monday, UK time, when Princess Beatrice turns 34.

Even if this new birthday arrangement were true, the fact that Buckingham Palace chose Meghan’s birthday as the time to implement the new strategy is seriously frowned upon.

The bottom line is that even if @royalfamily decides to give Meghan a disrespect, being the first non-working member of the Windsor family for a dignified blank on her birthday has some serious ramblings on the tail. It means you have a stab wound.

After all, if Her Majesty was concerned that the L.A. native’s ruthless demeanor could fuel tensions, or wanted to keep peace with troubled Sussex, then no doubt the palace was the Duke’s. I would have waited until after my wife’s birthday to roll out this new social media approach..if Beatrice’s special day isn’t marked now, no one should be armed or writing a news story. isn’t there?

The Queen is currently staying in Balmoral, spending two weeks at Craigowan Cottage, another part of the estate, before settling into a larger home, but there are some choppy waters ahead for the royal family. . From September through Christmas, the Sussexes’ debut Harry book will be published. netflixnew season of crown A focus on Diana’s time in the ’90s, a book published by two very credible royal press veterans (Valentine Law and Angela Levin, who broke Meghan’s bullying story), and Prince Andrew’s whistleblowers Virginia Giuffre could write her own testimony, all from Charles’ various questionable financial dealings regarding his philanthropy, including accepting a $1.7 million donation from Osama bin Laden’s brother. and ongoing by-products.

That’s an ever-longer and seemingly frowned upon list for the Royal House.

In 2016, Princess Eugenie said in a documentary about The Queen’s Mansion in Scotland:

For Her Majesty, a long, deep breath sounds like the best idea for now.

Daniela Elser is a royal expert and writer with over 15 years of experience working on major Australian media titles.

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Queen disrespects Meghan Markle and doesn’t want her birthday publicly

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