Queen Elizabeth’s favorite food, according to former royal chef

A former royal chef has revealed the Queen’s favorite sandwich — and she’s been eating it for over 90 years.

Her Majesty’s love of afternoon tea has long been recounted by many former members of the royal family.

Over the decades, the 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth II has had many opportunities to develop a more exotic palette, but Queen Elizabeth II seems to have stayed true to her British tastes.

According to the royal chef, she especially likes scones and chocolate cake as a snack for lunch. Sun report.

Alongside the sweeter dishes, the Queen is said to also enjoy a variety of sandwiches, one of which has been a firm favorite on the menu for over 90 years. mirror.

Former Royal Chef Darren McGrady worked at The Royals for nearly 20 years after formal training at the Savoy Hotel in London.

After serving his family for 15 years, McGrady turned to social media and posted several videos on YouTube to share some of the insights he learned along the way.

“The Queen was served jam pennies (jam sandwiches) at nursery school when she was little, and she’s been eating them for afternoon tea ever since,” he said.

“It’s simple, just bread and jam with a little butter, usually strawberry jam.

“At Balmoral Castle, I made a jam with gorgeous Scottish strawberries from the garden.”

Another flavorful sandwich the Queen is known to take a bite of is simple tuna mayonnaise, a staple for many Brits.

Former Royal Chef Owen Hodgson Telegraph The Queen’s favorite sandwich was tuna mayonnaise.

According to him, there are also certain requirements when preparing this simple dish. Her sandwich should be well buttered, served with cucumber slices and a sprinkle of pepper to finish.

Monarchs also enjoy a few other treats along with afternoon tea, but no midday meal is complete without scones. This is observed in the traditional Cornish way.

“Wherever she was in the world, she always enjoyed afternoon tea,” McGrady said.

“We flew to Australia and were on the Royal Yacht.

“It was five o’clock in the morning, but five o’clock in the afternoon for the Queen, so my first task was to make scones.”

In another interview, he also revealed:

“When it comes to scones, some days they’re plain, some days they’re raisins folded.

Also small pastries such as raspberry tarts and cut cakes, honey and cream sponges, fruit cakes, banana bread, or her favorite chocolate biscuit cake.

“It’s all washed down with a delightfully steamy cup of Earl Gray tea.”

This article originally appeared on Sun Reprinted with permission

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Queen Elizabeth’s favorite food, according to former royal chef

Source link Queen Elizabeth’s favorite food, according to former royal chef

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