Queensland Elections 2020: Ask Reporters

John Mikel, a political analyst at Queensland Institute of Technology, a former Labor Minister and former chairman, replied: Greens has always expanded its chances.

Their best chance was to keep Mywer, win South Brisbane behind the LNP preference, and at McConnell, perhaps from the labor preference if the Greens overwhelmed the workers at that seat, or the LNP was demoted to third place. The case is from LNP preference.

Greens often votes on LNP’s Moggill and Clayfields, but not enough to win.

In the absence of polls, my best guess is to keep My War.

Griffith University Political Expert Paul Williams Answers: quality! “Maybe …”? Technically, as with all parties, all the seats they compete for.

Is it possible to win? 2 — My War and South Brisbane.

If LNP runs third in McConnell and enough LNP voters want to abandon Grace Grace, McConnell is also an outside opportunity.

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