Queensland Elections 2020: Ask Reporters

We have long believed that the southeastern part of the Liberal National Party of Queensland (rather than the nationals of the country) is needed for LNPs to have a real chance of winning state elections. It’s a polarized state, and leaders who play well in the city may not do so in the bushes (and vice versa).

It’s hard to see David Crisafulli from the current batch. He has checked the SEQ Liberal Box and has experience as a minister. Equally important, he is a good media performer.

Deputy leader Tim Mander is a candidate. He has the support of the Christian right of the party and has recognition of names that are considered viable candidates throughout both politics and his years as an NRL referee.

Former leaders Tim Nichols and John Paul Langbrook may want another trend, given that the party tends to recycle leaders (see Lawrence Springborg). I couldn’t discount them.

Of course, this is very speculative. All of the above names could serve the first Clinton Ministry in just a few weeks.

Place of originQueensland Elections 2020: Ask Reporters

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