Queensland LNP leaders reported to the Electoral College weeks after the state elections

The state’s opposition leader was reportedly referred to the state’s electoral college by her own party in the weeks leading up to the Queen’s Landers’ poll.

ABC introduced Ms. Frecklinton to the Queensland Election Commission on concerns about a series of financing events that may have violated laws aimed at blocking the political influence of real estate developers I am reporting that.

Ms. Frecklington will run an election campaign with Prime Minister Scott Morrison in Queensland for a week and will host an LNP fundraising campaign at the Brisbane Convention Center on Tuesday.

ABC said many participants made a total of “about $ 150,000” in donations at at least five events between July and August.

No developer seemed to have made a donation and refused to pay for it, but their presence caused “significant concern” within LNP headquarters.

ABC said it approached Ms. Frecklinton, who refused to interview, and issued a short statement instead. “Anyone who donates to the party must complete the declaration that they are not banned donors.”

“There is transparency about who donated and who didn’t.”

The ECQ does not confirm or deny whether it is investigating Ms. Frecklinton or other people nominated in the referral.

The October 31 election, in which Mr. Clinton wants to defeat incumbent Prime Minister Anastasia Parasek, is the first time since legislation was introduced to curb the risk of corruption regarding government decisions on development projects. ..

Political parties that make or receive donations from real estate developers face up to two years’ imprisonment or a $ 52,220 fine.

Attempts to circumvent the ban will be delayed by 10 years or face a $ 195,825 fine.

Ms. Frecklington is expected to stand in front of the media later today.

Place of originQueensland LNP leaders reported to the Electoral College weeks after the state elections

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