Queensland shooting: Suspect found after 3 dead

The man who allegedly shot his family in North Queensland was invited to his home before the shooting, police have revealed.

Mervyn and Maree Schwarz and their son Graham Tighe were killed Thursday on a remote farm in the town of Bogie.

Graham’s brother Ross Tyge survived the shooting but is still fighting for his life.

He is in serious but stable condition at McKay Hospital, with one remaining gunshot wound to the stomach.

Metropolitan Police Deputy Tom Armitt told reporters that a 59-year-old man who had lived in the area for many years was in police custody.

He said police expected criminal charges to be filed later on Friday.

Police spoke to five people in connection with the shooting on Thursday night, and three were still in custody as of Friday morning.

9 News reported that police believed the three were responsible for the shooting.

The other two people police spoke to were wind farm contractors who reportedly happened to be near the site.

No police charges have yet been filed.

After miraculously walking “for miles” after being shot, Ross allegedly fled the scene and alerted police to the shooting.

“We believe the man was able to withdraw from the area when he was spoken to by police officers miles from the scene of the crime,” Armitt said Thursday.

“He had fled the scene…he was able to tell the police that he had been shot and that three others had also been shot.”

Ross will be interviewed by police on Thursday night, and detectives are scheduled to talk to him again on Friday.

Multiple reports say the shootings may be linked to property disputes over borders.

Superintendent Armitt said Friday that he would not go into too many details, but confirmed the people involved were neighbors and that “some conversations had been had” between them.

“[This]resulted in the parties meeting at the perimeter early in the morning yesterday (Thursday) when the incident occurred,” he said.

At 8:54 am on Thursday, emergency personnel were called to the facility in Bogie, a small outback mining town in the Whitsundays near Collinsville.

Queensland Police first received a call at around 9am from an injured man. He reported multiple injuries near Collinsville, west of Airlie Beach.

A state of emergency was declared under the Public Safety Act at 11:30 a.m. after discovering the lone survivor inside the vehicle at Flagstone, with boundaries set at Sutherland Road, Normanby Road, Mount Compton Road and Starvation Creek. reached.

Mike Brunker, Councilor, Division 6, Whitsundays Regional Council

Ellie Kolls, a staff member at the Opal Ridge Motel, told The Guardian she was alerted to the incident at 11 a.m.

She said when she got a call from another local, she didn’t think they had found the shooter, so she thought the house should be locked.

According to the latest census data, Bogey has a population of 207.

Locals in nearby Bowen and Collinsville described the incident as “abnormal” and “strange” for the normally quiet area.

A Collinsville business owner said, “We haven’t had a lot of shootings in Bogey in the past…very rare.”

A state of emergency issued at 1:30 a.m. Thursday was issued on Sutherland Road, Normanby Road, Mount Compton Road and the perimeter including Hunger.

That declaration was rescinded at 10:06 p.m. Thursday.

The state of emergency has been changed to only properties on Sutherland Street.

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Queensland shooting: Suspect found after 3 dead

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