Reality has corrected himself just in time for WandaVision Funko Pops

Hello, vision Residence! (Image: Funko)

Yes, Wanda Maximoff’s Chaos Magic could be throwing her into a strange world Wandavision.. But would our own world be right if the show didn’t have the tie-up Funko Pops?

Wandavision It’s only been a few months since I hit Disney +. That’s why corporate stars are tuned to get excited about toys and merchandise. Funko, a loyal provider of big-headed tie-ins, has launched a train of scarlet witches and vision toys with a new series of pop vinyl based on the twists of the various television eras of the Wanda and Vision show.

Breaking the First Reality of WandaVision-Warping Trailer

In the midst of last night’s Emmy Awards, Marvel dropped the first trailer of WandaVision, the next Disney + series in the studio featuring the most bizarre couple of The Avengers, to make comic book nerds and moon hexers. I was similarly surprised. Quoting Maria Hill, I’ve always known that WandaVision would be “strange,” but …

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The first is a 50’s style pair that takes over a couple of vision residences, with Wanda magically floating. Tiny With a lobster in one hand, the human-looking version of Vision prepares for the day at work with a briefcase and nerdy glasses (Paul Bettany’s human face is similarly Paul Bettany’s but much more There is also a tracking version of the vision to replace (glossy synthoid foam).

There are two more colorful bobblehead dolls based on the “70’s” version of the duo, including the very pregnant Wanda, to congratulate the lord above us. Very cheeky pose Vision wearing a sweater. Unfortunately, it’s only for Gamestop, but I want to go everywhere for Vision wearing high quality knitwear.

But the two best pops Wandavision The line may just be the stupidest: a “Halloween” version of the character, which is actually a transmission of cheap-looking costumes for their iconic cartoons, as easily glimpsed in the show trailer. The soul stones and yellow gym shorts that are a little off-angle in the vision are cheerful, but honestly? Costume Pop Wanda looks like a fab with or without a Jack O Lantern candy holder.

The· Wandavision Funko Pops will be released in early January 2021, but the show itself will begin later this year at Disney +.

Reality has corrected himself just in time for WandaVision Funko Pops

Source link Reality has corrected himself just in time for WandaVision Funko Pops

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