Reduce preventable medical errors with Zebra Workforce Connect

Did you know that communication problems are attributed to 70% of medical errors?

Advances in technology are changing healthcare rapidly, however, the ability to communicate effectively between caregivers is lagging behind. Multiple devices and legacy technology extend response times, hinder patient care and safety.

Zebra’s Workforce Connect delivers seamless communication and direct responses, allowing healthcare teams to collaborate anywhere and make the right decisions for their patients.

Here are four key ways healthcare providers can benefit from using Zebra Workforce Connect:

1. Unify teams with seamless collaboration

Consider the following scenario: A nurse needs to inform a doctor about something but does not need an answer. With legacy equipment, the nurse must first seek medical attention. Then the doctor has to call the nurse, prompting them both to stop what they are doing and answer the phone. In this case, a simple text can save valuable time.

Other times, a nurse may have a patient in a critical condition and call the doctor immediately. The ability to call or text the doctor directly and know their availability can save time and possibly lives.

With Zebra Workforce Connect, healthcare professionals can reach the right person, in the right role, at the right moment. It enables workers to instantly know when the team member they are trying to contact is available, and to connect with them directly via secure voice call or text. If they do not have the name or contact details of the right person, that is not a problem, they can reach them through their job role. Furthermore, they have the option to make one-on-one contact, send out to an entire team, or select teams.

2. Simplify logins with Single Sign On

Many health professionals often have a number of different facilities, each with their own processes, protocols, people, and systems. As a result, they often waste valuable time trying to log in to systems, reset passwords, and switch devices. For example, they may have one device to access the directory, another for site colleagues and another to receive calls.

Zebra Workforce Connect enables healthcare professionals to access communication and information with a single sign, enabling them to:

  • Fill their device instantly with personalized applications, real-time information and teams
  • Share devices between colleagues, but still get an individual experience
  • Restrict access to applications by role, title and responsibilities
  • Allow temporary or visiting staff to be connected and updated

Enable instant communication with push-to-talk

Sometimes healthcare professionals need a way to call for help, such as moving a patient, requesting transportation, or letting cleaners know that a room is ready for service.

Zebra Workforce Connect provides direct two-way communication with push-to-talk, just like a walkie-talkie. This gives healthcare professionals the ability to communicate and engage with those who use two-way radios, such as first responders, ambulance drivers and security guards, as well as additional staff.

4. Reduce unnecessary warnings and alarms

Alarm fatigue is a major problem for health workers. In many hospitals, all workers receive the same alarm every time something goes wrong – instead of one person receiving the right alarm, at the right moment.

Zebra Workforce Connect enables healthcare providers to control the amount of overhead paging, alerts and alarms that medical teams send to respond. The software will only alert the right people when they need it, provide a calmer healing environment for patients and save valuable time for workers.

Specifically, Workforce Connect enables healthcare providers to:

  • Focus on an individual to accept and respond to a warning or alarm
  • Send, receive and integrate health data into their respective EHR systems
  • Improve the environment with fewer warnings and less noise
  • Save resources by not having multiple team members respond to a call
  • Reduce alarm fatigue and desensitization to alarms that may increase the rate of missed alarms

No matter where you are – stay connected

Missing communication can lead to delays in delivering treatment that can greatly affect patient care and safety.

Zebra Workforce Connect provides faster action, smarter decisions, improved clinical communication and collaboration – all for better patient outcomes.

Discover the benefits of empowering your team with Workforce Connect

Reduce preventable medical errors with Zebra Workforce Connect

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