Remote workers need better document processing

Employees are using digital workflows more often during telecommuting (WFH), but the right tools and solutions to fully enable remote work, according to a new report from global document productivity company Nitro. Is often lacking.

This is explained in detail in Part 2 of Nitro’s The Future of Work report. This report examines how workers’ document behavior, productivity levels, job satisfaction, and job expectations changed during the global COVID crisis.

“We believe that in many industries we are in the early stages of becoming a permanent shift to more flexible work, primarily including remote work. So, as business leaders, how do we You can’t afford to think about it. You have to adapt to this new normal. Before the halo gets dark, you’re proactive in the workflow and productivity challenges your employees continue to face, especially when working remotely. We need to continue to promote efficiency, effectiveness, and ultimately engagement between employees, ”said Gina O’Reilly of Nitro COO. ..

According to the report, 46% of workers said the company was at best prepared to some extent when the office was closed in response to a pandemic.

As remote work becomes a permanent standard for many companies, Nitro encourages IT leaders to invest in the right solutions to embark on digital transformation and improve their organizations.

The report found that 56% of workers were still printing and 50% were still scanning, even though more than 60% did not have a printer or scanner at home.

As a result, 95% of workers believe there is room for improvement in the way organizations process documents.

The report identified an urgent need for IT leaders to provide better training, more automated workflows and remote work tools to increase the focus on collaboration.

Other highlights are:

  • Forty percent of workers reported being very productive at home, only 29% were moderately stressed and 10% were not stressed at all.
  • 64% of workers are happy with their work, an increase from 60% in 2019.
  • 66% say the WFH policy is very or very important for future employment opportunities.

“It’s encouraging to see the many positive consequences of working from home, but it’s important to consider the long-term consequences of such significant changes in the workplace,” O’Reilly adds.

“Nitro is in the process of implementing a new” Flexible Forever “policy. This is a hybrid approach to future work that allows teams to work remotely and have the flexibility to optimize for their personal circumstances and circumstances. You also have access to face-to-face time, where it makes the most sense, such as team meetings, planning sessions, and social events.

“The nature of work is constantly changing, so we need to change the way we think about the concept of the workplace, continue to evolve, and redefine the role of the office. Ultimately, this will revolutionize the workplace of the future. I believe it’s a really exciting opportunity for. “

Remote workers need better document processing

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