Republican Senator ignites with comments

Democrats quickly linked Lee’s remarks to the November elections. Republicans are at risk of losing a majority of the US Senate and the White House.

“Dear @SenMikeLee: Note that you were elected by the people of your state. America is a representative democracy. That means we are also democracy,” said Democracy. Ted Lieu replied on Twitter.

“But I hope @GOP can adopt your view as a campaign slogan. It’s a real winner,” he added.

“Mike Leigh is against democracy, unless this is a warning about democracy,” said Nila Tanden, a former Obama administration official who advised the Democratic Party’s presidential campaign for Hillary Clinton. I don’t know what. “

Lee’s spokesman defended the Senate, citing President James Madison, one of the leaders of the American Revolutionary War, and the British monarchy served as the fourth president of the country.


Madison, who wrote extensively about government as one of the authors of the Federalist Papers, which defended the new US Constitution at the time, said at one point that “democracy has always been a scene of turmoil and controversy. It turns out not. Property rights. “

Swept into the Senate by a wave of conservative tea parties in 2010, Lee accesses Trump, a Republican presidential candidate four years ago, to set aside his lascivious conversation captured on Hollywood tapes. Called and ranked Republicans.

Lee has since become a supporter of Trump and strongly supports Amy Coney Barrett, a candidate for the president’s Supreme Court, who is expected to face scrutiny on the Senate Judiciary Committee starting Monday.

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