Reversing the course of coastal erosion

Australians flock to beautiful beaches for comfort, fun and freedom. Unfortunately, extreme weather events are destroying our beach dreams (“Steal Beauty: La Nina Threatens to Rip”, July 31). According to Coastal Risk Australia, in addition to the risk of flooding and storms, there is a ‘medium confidence’ that water levels around Sydney will rise by 0.84 meters by 2100, significantly impacting beaches such as Cronulla and Brighton-le-Sands. There is also a possibility. At high tide it’s half as big as Sydney Airport. Moreover, a significant number of Australian coastal homes are projected to be uninsurable as early as 2030 due to high coastal flooding risk. These are the dreaded propositions we must face. Many of the things we love have changed as a result of negligence on our own environment.Our beloved beaches are the envy of the world. To save the ocean, we must turn the tide. Amy Hiller, Q (VIC)

Jana has no hurdles

Forget Jana Pittman’s incredible sporting feats.Pittman advances as a doctor”, July 31). John Cotterill, Kingsford

Assange’s freedom was long overdue

Thanks for the interview with Peter Fitzsimons, Julian Assange’s father, John Shipton.It’s all at stake for Assange and his desperate father”, July 31). Everything is at stake, not just Assange and his father. It’s time for us to wake up to what it means to be a brave and loyal Australian, as Julian Assange was. Does being Australian mean compensating the Pentagon for war crimes? Otherwise, we must demand the immediate release of this Australian political prisoner from Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. No excuses, free Julian Assange. Stephen Langford, Katoomba

walk in the park

When Helen Pitt stepped into Sydney’s Luna Park, I was transported back to my youth. Much younger than today, the first visit (“Studio Boss trades thrills with Thor in Luna Park”, July 31). It was in the old schoolyard days at the end of his sophomore year of high school (more recently his eighth grade) when a few of Gosford High School’s 2D’s headed into the city on a then-modern train in 1961. Souvenirs of that trip include S. John Ross’ hand-cut silhouettes. What hasn’t disappeared is a memory – part of my profile. Alan Gibson cherry brook

can’t catch

I was in the same situation as Tom Alderton (“Uncovering the identity of the COVID-free ‘superpower’”, July 31). I was with her family when her daughter-in-law got COVID. She was isolated from the rest of us who tested negative at the time, but six days later my son and two of our three children tested positive. Since the horse was already bolted, he decided that it was no use leaving them. I was sure I would test positive. I hadn’t had my booster due yet, so I had only had two vaccinations at that point.

I have never tested positive, and neither has one of my twin 12-year-old grandchildren who shared a bedroom with two COVID-positive siblings. My twin sister who lives 4 hours away got her COVID. In trying to understand why some people get COVID and others don’t, I want to know why one twin gets it and the other doesn’t. We don’t have the same DNA. Hmm? Marilyn Cornish, Thornley

Reversing the course of coastal erosion

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