Reviews should consider conventional subs

A new conventional submarine should be considered under wide review as a replacement or supplement to the Australian Navy’s aging Collins-class fleet, according to a leading defense expert.

Dr Marcus Hellyer, Senior Analyst at the Australian Institute for Strategic Policy, said the option to purchase a conventionally-powered ship would include a ” There is a good discussion” and should be considered. According to the Defense Strategy Review released this week.

“We can’t afford to spend 10 years designing a new conventional submarine.

“Perfection is the enemy of good and the only thing we have achieved is that we are farther away from having a new fleet than we were when we started in 2009.”

When French President Emmanuel Macron welcomed Albanese in Paris last month, France proposed to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese a plan to build a conventionally powered submarine to bridge the gap, the Australian Financial Review said. after the report revealed

After visiting Madrid for a NATO summit, Mr. Albanese flew to Paris to mend ties with France after the Morrison administration abandoned a $90 billion contract with the Naval Group last year in favor of submarines. I called.

Hellyer said that if Australia follows the route of replacing Collins entirely, the arrival of nuclear submarines is expected as early as 2040, so a decision needs to be made quickly.

He said the “long road to transition” would also need to consider the ability of Australia’s workforce to potentially build and maintain both conventional and nuclear submarines.

“These are very difficult decisions,” Dr. Hellyer said.

The Pentagon is also reviewing the country’s submarine program and plans to report back to the government in March.

Former Defense Secretary Angus Houston, who will lead the review alongside former Defense Secretary Steven Smith, said the global security environment was the worst he had seen in his lifetime.

Indonesia opposes Australia’s plans to introduce nuclear-powered ships, and Jakarta has voiced concerns at a UN conference reviewing the non-proliferation treaty.

Indonesia argues that the use and sharing of nuclear technology for military purposes “could be contrary to the spirit and purpose” of the treaty.

Reviews should consider conventional subs

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